Asian Junk Food Smorgasbord 4 & [email protected]&#!*#$^!&*(%[email protected]#^#&*@%^&*

Sigh. I just back from work, Junk Food Nation.  Maybe the world should end tomorrow, because this job is killing me.  This is the latest I think I’ve ever done a post.  Close to 8pm?  Really?

I haven’t done an Asian Junk Food post in a while, so let’s get right to it.

Asian Junk Food Smorgasbord

Figgy figgy

Asian Junk Food Smorgasbord

More figgy figgy

Here I was thinking Fig Newtons were the only fig fruit snacks out there, and here are TWO OTHER BRANDS of Figgy Newtons.  And I have to admit – they look tasty! I love Fig Newtons, and I love Figs normally.  Why? Because if you eat a fig…THEY TASTE JUST LIKE FIG NEWTONS.  So simple.

Asian Junk Food Smorgasbord


I pointed out a WANT MORE snack during my last Asian Food blog post, and here’s another one – Soft Butter flavored Mini Breads.  Why do I feel like these are just Melba Toasts with some butter on them?  Is this a junk food or just something that goes on my salad?

Asian Junk Food Smorgasbord

Ghetto Blow Pops

Funny Bunny gum filled lollipops look sort of low-rent, no?  Plus, unlike Blow Pops, which have huge lollipop heads, these look like Dum Dums.  How much gum could possibly be in these??  I have to eat twelve of these just to get a good wad…lame.

Blech…sorry for the lackluster post. Kinda phoned it in today.  Tomorrow will be better…IT BETTER BE!  $&*#!*([email protected]&*$%!^&(%$^!#%(!!!!!!

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  1. Lindemann says:

    Hope your job starts going better soon, JFG.

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