Review: Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels & Awkward Mondays: There’s a Bathroom Attendant HERE!?

Junk Food Nation, I was at a random restaurant recently, a typical family establishment, nothing expensive AT ALL…went to the bathroom, did my business, went to the sink…and there was a bathroom attendant with soap and an already ripped paper towel.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I typically find bathroom attendants in either (1) awful nightclubs, where the bathroom attendants have a whole cavalcade of mints, cologne, gum, razors, condoms, cigarettes, etc. like its effing Walmart, or (2) really REALLY expensive restaurants where they aren’t holding paper towels but actual warm cloth towels for you to dry your hands and they offer to shine your shoes.

This restaurant did NOT fit into either category, so I was VERY surprised to see a bathroom attendant. Plus, it wasn’t the sort of place where if you didn’t tip the bathroom attendant, you’d be seen as “that jerk upper cruster who can’t afford a dollar or two for the guy helping you wash your hands.”  This was literally just a family joint, and this guy had a bottle of soap and a paper towel.  He had a look of desperation about him. Just a big ass dude in a tight black T-shirt with gigantic pecs holding a bottle of soap.  It was so awkward.

I went to avoid eye contact and washed my hands in the farthest sink possible but he rushed up and squirted soap all over my hands anyways.  “Thanks man,” I squeaked weakly. And I tipped him a dollar and got the hell out of there.

Imagine if you went to Outback, and in the bathroom there was a bathroom attendant.  It was so random.  There wasn’t a menu item that cost more than $15…and they’ve got a bathroom attendant?? Makes me wonder if he was just some rando that was hiding in there.   CREEPY.

Today’s junk food: Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels!

Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels: The Money Shot

Ok, I’ll be honest.  All I could think of when I saw these Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels was “HOLY HELL WHERE DID THESE COME FROM!?” This was one of those snacks that made my eyes widen and I grabbed for it like it was forbidden fruit.  Pretzels. Covered in Butterfinger???????  WHAT!?


Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels are covered in a dusting of crushed up Butterfinger candy pieces.  That means bits of peanut butter crunch. Bits of chocolate. All on a salty pretzel. I’m drooling.

Crispety Crunchety

The real question is, how have I not seen these Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels before? And these were stuck on the top shelf in some display at the end of a food aisle in my local grocery store.  What the heck!?

26 cal per pretzel


Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels have so many ingredients, that Utz actually had to break it down into three separate listings.  Don’t like that I see partially hydrogenated oil…but honestly, I’m not that swayed by it.


Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels look exactly as advertised.  I opened the bag and chocolatey peanut buttery smell poured out.  Each pretzel was chocolate covered with a that light peanut butter sprinkle covering every inch of pretzel.  These looked great. Let’s chomp them.

Close up

Overall, I was REALLY PLEASED with these Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels. The coating was sweet and indeed had great peanut buttery and chocolatey flavor.  It was very reminiscent of a Butterfinger, although I didn’t get as much candy crunch as I did peanut butter flavor.  The crunch definitely came from the pretzel, which was light and crispy, and provided a nice crunchy chew.  The salt from the pretzel REALLY highlighted the choclate peanut butter coating, and created a slightly savory sweet taste.

Overall, I thought the snack was VERY successful, and had to stop myself from eating these.  Chocolate peanut butter pretzels are a big win in my book, as you guys all know from my review of the Snack Factory Peanut Butter Crunch Pretzel Crisps.

Good work, Utz!

Check out PyroPixie’s review of them here!


COST: $3.79

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Discuss - 18 Comments

  1. I haaaaate bathroom attendants! Whenever I see them, I always think, who actually likes these guys? Who says ever, “I love when bathrooms have attendants – such a great service – I hate squirting my own soap!”

    You should have gone to the manager and said, “There’s a dude posing as a bathroom attendant in there.” Either he gets thrown out or the manager gets the message that it’s creepy.

    As for Butterfingers, they’re the candy that always makes me think “CAVITY!” whenever I eat them…those peanut butter sugar flakes know how to go right for the soft spots…

  2. Will says:

    Ya I hate bathroom attendents too. They are so useless. It’s just a uncomfortable situation, to have someone help u wash your hands. They have them at the casinos here in ct.

    Those pretzels look pretty good. I haven’t seen them around. Just picked up 2 more containers of TH pumpkin pie ice cream.

  3. Nick Rovo says:

    …First Dubba taunting me with these and now you? I’m very, very hurt.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Nick: Ah, sorry man. I saw them at my grocery store just now after work – I think they are getting more widespread dissemination

  4. Devin says:

    That definitely sounds creepy. I’m guessing it was a random guy. If 10 or so people go to the bathroom every hour and they each tip at least $1 like you did then he’s making pretty good money to just stand there and squirt soap in people’s hands. And it’s all under the table, so he doesn’t have to worry about taxes.

    Okay, I should stop before I write this guy’s life story.

    I’ve never seen these Butterfinger pretzels before, but I will definitely check them out if I ever find them. Local grocery stores seem to get the most random items sometimes, but it seems like they disappear just as quickly as they appear. My local grocery store randomly started stocking Jolly Rancher sodas, and as soon as I got hooked on some of them they were just randomly gone. Never have been able to find them anywhere since.

  5. Ashley says:

    Well, that’s one more thing I’ll be trying when I come home for a visit. Seriously, these look amazing.

  6. Shorneys says:

    Improv Everywhere tried a bathroom attendant at the Times Square McDonald’s. link.

    It seems weird. Also, the guy has 3 years’ experience working as a Manhattan bathroom attendant? Sounds like *somebody* went to Law School…

  7. Amy says:

    Just how big is the actual pretzel? It looks HUMONGOUS in the picture.

  8. Raiders757 says:

    @ Amy, they’re the mini-sized Utz pretzels covered in tasty goodness. I tried a bag of these and enjoyed them. Thing is, they taste exactly like the butterscotch pretzels my wife makes at home. Hers are mixed with peanut butter, hence the similarity in taste. Actually it’s more than similar, it’s exactly the same minus the little crunchy sprinkles added to the Butterfinger version. Although i enjoyed them, I’ll pass from now on and buy the stuff for my wife to make hers, as it rather cheap to make and you get three times as much. The later being the key as those little bastards, be it the Butterfinger Utz or the homemade versions, are like crack.

  9. Barry says:

    Re: Utz Butterfinger Mini Pretzels.

    Before I tried Utz Butterfingers Mini Pretzels i had never liked chocolate covered pretzels always think it’s the worst combo ever!, and not a fan of Butterfingers bars. a friend new this and convinced me to try it anyway.
    It’s very good, it’s hard to find and a little pricey but worth it as a occasional treat.

  10. Torsten Adair says:

    These didn’t have enough (or any) Butterfinger taste… these tasted like those generic white chocolate covered pretzels.
    And no chocolate? WHAT?

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