Review: Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips & The Ghost Town of DC / Black Friday?

Well, Junk Food Nation, yesterday I stuffed myself full of delicious food, watched eight hours of exciting football (except for zero minutes of the Pats game – I KNEW they’d blow out that awful Jets team.  30 point loss? EMBARRASSING, JETS.)

Today, I got up early, a buddy of mine gave me a ride down to work.  During the ride – barely any cars on the street.  My office building – sort of a cemetery   It was an hour before I even heard footsteps in the hallway.  The auto-sensor lights in the hallway remained off for a good chunk of time before someone else disturbed the motion sensor.  I didn’t take the subway, but I can only imagine that was empty as can be.  Kinda creepy.  DC is a veritable ghost town the day after Thanksgiving.

The question is, how does this kind of solace affect one’s psyche? Will I hunker down with all this quiet, or will I go mad like I’m in some post-apocalyptic zombie world?  Will I finish this project or will I curl up in a corner, playing virtual poker on my telephone?  We’ll see how this day plays out…

I’m not even going to spend too much time addressing Black Friday.  You people have LOST YOUR MIND.  I can understand people wanting to get cheap TVs, laptops, etc….but packing stores like Bed Bath and Beyond? You can’t find loofahs on sale anywhere else?!  Madness.

Today’s junk food: Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips!

Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips: The Money Shot

Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips were given to me by my friend the Geesh from his latest visit to India.  Another Lays India product!!!! SWEET!

Although to be fair…the West Indies aren’t in India or near India…they are a collection of islands in the Caribbean near the Dominican Republic.  So…. Caribbean spice then?

Interesting combo

I can appreciate putting the flavor components on the bag, but this Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips just displays a chili pepper and a bag of sugar.  Is that what these taste like??? WTF.


I talked about the weird guy displayed here back at this post.  Plus, I hate to inform these Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips….the phrase sugar and spice usually refers to cinnamon spice, no? Not chili pepper spice. But I’m keeping an open mind…

Some caloric count

Coca solids?

Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips have cocoa solids? That’s weird…but I will give these chips credit.  Not a lot of artificial filler.


When I opened this bag of Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips, I’m not gonna lie: they smelled like feet.  Like sweaty shoes and socks.  THEY SMELLED LIKE FEET.

Of course, i’m sort of just being mean.  When I breathed in even deeper, I could smell some delicious Indian spice.  Let’s get to the tasting.

Ridged with flavor

See, here’s the good part: I LOVED these Lay’s West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Potato Chips!  Despite the awkward smell, the flavor was really, really nice.

The first chew was, indeed, sweet.  The chips themselves had sort of a meaty, fishy flavor – I mean that in a good way. Like, have you ever had a salmon teriyaki? I have, and I love salmon teriyaki. These chips sort of tasted like that.  Sport of smoky, sweet BBQ-like, with a sugary meaty flavor.  Reminded me also of a sweet jerky flavor.  On top of that, the flavor ended with a nice little burn…not too spicy at all, just enough to tickle my tongue.

Did it remind me of Caribbean Spice?  Yes – these chips definitely had more of that sweet curry thing going.  If you can find these, give them a shot.  Not for everyone, but I liked them!


COST: free

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Discuss - 17 Comments

  1. Lindemann says:

    It kind of makes sense, since the West Indies were named that back when everyone thought they were some weird islands off the coast of actual India. You know, because white people had not yet found America. Or at least didn’t know they had.

  2. Kahnfucius says:

    There were only three food trucks active in the entire DC area today. Three! This must have been what it was like when Bane took control of Gotham.

  3. Will says:

    That bag has some weird crap on it. That guy is just weird and a big bag of sugar. That mad me laugh. Who would think there would be cocoa solids in them. Funny review man!

  4. Elisa says:

    Hope you had a great turkey day! I took part of this week off and went to an annual Thanksgiving family reunion. Just came back this evening.

    To readers traveling for Thanksgiving week, safe travels!

  5. Nick Rovo says:

    That Jets-Pats game was just sad. I decided after Brady threw the 80+ yard touchdown to take a shower and they were only up 14-0. I come out to find they’re up 35-0. I could watch this for hours though

  6. Ash says:

    LOL that “weird guy” on the bag of chips is a super famous bollywood actor, Saif Ali Khan. I cannot figure out why, but I find him so insanely attractive.

  7. Chip Review says:

    These sound delicious!! Feet + Sugar ‘n Spice + Salmon Teriyaki + Jerky = We’re sold, sign us up 🙂

    There should be more teriyaki and fish sauce flavored chips!

  8. Rohit Menon says:

    A bit too late for a comment but still…These chips aren’t marketed like the way they do for the other flavors here in India…which is very fishy..taste is definitely not the reason, coz its yummy..and am yet to meet someone who didn’t like it here…a decade back they introduced the sweet and spicy chicken flavour which they discontinued due to various reasons..few years later they got this one in the market which tasted exactly like the chicken counterpart, which I simply loved back then for the very reason u mentioned here..could it be that they are selling the same one with a veg branding!!!

  9. Elisa says:

    Just finished off a packet of these hot n’ sweet chilli lays.. my favourite flavour of all…

    this is the best flavour they have introduced so far… ?

  10. Toby777 says:

    I first tried these when I was on a work trip in India and they had these (among other flavours), in the office.

    I was hook and secretly ate all of the Hot n Sweet Chilli’s whilst I was there lol.

    Wish Lay’s would release this flavour worldwide! I’d love to have them now that I’m living in Germany. 🙁

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