Review: Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles & HAPPY THANKSGIVING (My Thanksgiving Day NFL Picks)

Junk Food Nation, I am thankful this year for so much.  For my parents, Doctor Sis, Actor Sis, the Junk Food Gal, my job, my friends, for this blog, and for all of you.  Thank you for making this blog as much fun as it is. Without someone out there to read and listen to my ramblings, this would be a sad endeavor, so thank you.  All of your tweets, all of your comments – I read all of them and try to reply to as many as I can. This is a highly interactive blog, and I’d like to make it even more so in the future.

Alright, gushing aside. Let’s get right to my Thanksgiving Day NFL Picks!  WEEK 12 is HERE, but I’m just going to pick these three games today:

HOUSTON AT DETROIT: A very interesting game.  A casual observer might say that the 9-1 Texans should have their way with the Lions in this matchup. But Detroit has been much better of late, almost beating the Packers. The Texans almost lost to a throwing Chad Henne, of all people.  Plus, Detroit always plays emotionally on Thanksgiving… I give the edge to HOUSTON, but I’m saying this is a squeaker, not a blowout.

REDSKINS AT DALLAS: Dallas plays emotionally on Thanksgiving. But here’s the thing – THEY STINK.  Did you WATCH the Browns game on Sunday? The Browns gave the game away, the Cowboys sure didn’t win it. Here’s another mindblowing thought: If the Skins beat Dallas, they will be 5-6, tied for second place in the NF CEast.  If the Giants lose to the Packers this weekend, they will be 6-5, in 1st Place still. Conceivably, the week following, we could have Redskins vs. Giants for first place in the NFC East at 6-6.  WOW. The NFC East sucks.  Have fun with this game.  Skins win.

NEW ENGLAND AT NY JETS: There’s no need to even talk about this game too much.  The Jets are a disaster, and calling out the crappy Tim Tebow for being, well, crappy at football? Stilla  low blow that isn’t even happening on the Jaguars.  You think the Jags don’t mutter how bad Blaine Gabbert is? They play in Jacksonville and have Chad Henne starting now, for Pete’s sake. But not a word from them – yet the Jets love talking to the media.  Awful. just Awful. PATRIOTS roll here.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles!

Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles: The Money Shot

OOOOOOH yeah.  Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles!  Another one of the special seasonal flavors that Pringles has come out with. My friend Will tried them, and thought there wasn’t enough flavor… here’s how they are described in the press release:

“A warm blend of cinnamon and pumpkin flavor coats every crisp, delivering the sweet and spicy feeling of autumn in every bite.”



These Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles are another flavor I had to drive long and far to find.  But I LOVE pumpkin spice (it’s one of my Fall Four Major Food Groups). I NEEDED TO HAVE THEM. So $5 in gas later I bought these $1.50 chips. Worth it? We’ll see.

Is pumpkin pie just pumpkin and cinnamon sticks? I THINK NOT

Less calories than actual pie

I don’t see cinnamon or pumpkin. I see molasses. Hmmm

Standard look

When I first popped the top to these Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles, they did indeed smell like pumpkin spice. Really REALLY like pumpkin spice.  I was excited.

Is that the pumpkin spice?

OK. I gotta give Pringles props.  After the weird experience that was the White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles, these Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles were actually…good?  Yes, I have decided good.

When I first placed the crisp in my mouth, the chip tasted sweet.  Not a bad sweet taste either…I definitely tasted cinnamon, sugar, pumpkin spice.  When I licked my lips – same thing – sweet sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin spice.  As I chewed, the potato chip saltiness came out, as well as the taste of the potato.

Here’s the thing, however, the sweet savory side-by-side flavor tasted sort of nutty…if I wrapped my mind around it, it tasted sort of like an unsweetened pecan.  So, in a tenuous sort of way, you can imagine the resultant flavor to be sort of like a slightly sweet pumpkin pie crust!

Look, I may be reaching. And my friend Will was right – these weren’t overwhelming in flavor, but I think Pringles did a very good job here in balancing savory and sweet.  Here I could see (unlike the White Chocolate Peppermint) what Pringles was going for.

These, I believe, are worth a taste. Buy ’em and try ’em, if you can find ’em.

Adam over at The Impulsive Buy gave these a similar thumbs up – check that review out here!

Fat Guy Food Blog also reviewed these.

PURCHASED AT: Super Walmart

COST: $1.50

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  1. Devin says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I probably would have never bought these Pringles myself, but luckily my sister bought a can of them. They were weird, as I didn’t dislike them as much as I thought I would, but I still didn’t like them enough to buy my own can. I feel like if I had bought my own can I would have finished them though, because I did strangely want more (but still, not to a high enough level to go get my own can).

  2. Will says:

    @devin, that’s funny, I felt the same way. I didn’t think that they were that great and I kept going back for more. Next think I know the can I almost empty.

    @jfg, I didn’t even look at the ingredients. How can they not have any pumpkin in them. That’s just wrong. Thanks for the review friend 🙂 I retweeted @gregabedard, check out the back cover of the NY Daily News.

  3. Lindemann says:

    Apparently Roger Goodell just went with your picks yesterday and had to spend OT of the Lions game figuring out how to get it to come true…

  4. Chip Review says:

    The jury was hung at Chip Review:

    But regardless, the crisps definitely went fast….hope we can find the White Chocolate Peppermint ones before they fade off into the abyss.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!!
    Go Vikes!! Go Bears!! Our hearts will be rooting for the Vikings, but our mouths will be cheering for the Bears!

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