Review: Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreo & My Week 10 NFL Picks

Ok, Junk Food Nation, so how did I do with my football picks in Week 9? PRETTY DAMN GOOD (11-3, baby!).  I really should quit my job and become a handicapper in Vegas.  78-54 on the season…almost a 60% clip.  Of course, to be fair, guessing the right moneyline picks is much easier now, with the season almost 2/3 over.  It’s not too hard to say Jacksonville will lose (thank God the Bills didn’t engage in the Blaine Gabbert experiment – dodged a bullet there.)

This week, the COLTS will beat the Jags, because of the aforementioned Blaine Gabbert failed experiment,

the BILLS will beat the Patriots because …never bet against Buffalo (le sigh),

the GIANTS will beat the Bengals because I don’t see New York losing two games in a row,

the DOLPHINS will beat the Titans, even if Jake Locker is back,

the LIONS will beat Minnesota, because with Percy Harvin out, AP can’t do it alone,

the FALCONS will beat the Saints, because while both teams play great offense, the Falcons do play a LITTLE defense,

the BUCS will beat San Diego, and Norv Turner will be updating his resume,

the BRONCOS will beat Carolina, because Cam can’t stand up to the Sheriff (it’s an awful nickname, Gruden, face it),

the RAVENS will smash Oakland because the Raiders DON’T play defense,

the SEAHAWKS will beat up on the Jets because Seattle is still one of the windiest places to play and the Jets can’t do anything right,

the COWBOYS will take it to Philly and Romo will finally have a decent game,

the NINERS will just destroy STL, because…well, it’s STL,

and the STEELERS will feast on the Chiefs because Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel can barely throw well enough to be paper boys.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreos!

Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreos: The Money Shot

Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreos were not my first choice, admittedly…after everyone had been telling me about Lemon Twist Oreos and Gingerbread Oreos, I was on a mission to find these new flavors…when I stumbled upon these Chocolate Mint Triple Doubles.  Now, I remember seeing these a looong time ago on the Fat Guy Food Blog, but only now have I spotted them in stores.  Grrrr, Walmart.  Letting me down!

Not rocket science

Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreos are the second Oreo Triple Double flavor I’ve reviewed (Neapolitan being the first).  Just as the strawberry chocolate combo on a Golden Oreo wasn’t the hardest combo to think of, neither are these chocolate mint version.  It took until 2012 to come up with these?  Really?  Who DOESN’T love chocolate mint??? Maybe I can make a bold prediction that the enxt Trip Dub will be chocolate peanut butter….OOOOOO I’M JUST LIKE NATE SILVER!

100 per cookie!

Lots of ingredients I don’t understand!

Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreos…yeah, we knew these weren’t good for you.

Rows of cookies

Green light, brown light

As soon as I peeled back the top wrapper to these Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreos, I IMMEDIATELY smelled mint. MINT MINT MINT!  …Almost TOO minty…what are you trying to pull, Oreo?

It’s important that everyone recognizes that these Triple Doubles take up the same space as a normal package of Oreos.  So, even though they are bigger cookies, you get LESS cookies.  Boo.

Very vibrantly colored creme

They don’t skimp, which is nice.

Limited Edition Triple Double Chocolate Mint Oreos taste exactly the way you’d think they taste – like a chocolatey minty Oreo sandwich cookie.  Nothing spectacular here.  Oreo currently makes Cool Mint Oreos (One layer of Mint Creme), which I’ve had before, and in comparing the two, these are a LITTLE better, only in that the chocolate creme helps reduce any feelings of toothpaste feel from the mint creme.  In a season filled with peppermint mochas and lattes from Starbucks, these cookies fit right in.

This was a solid cookie, and didn’t disappoint – not a bad purchase if you can find them.  But, like I said before – there’s nothing unexpected here.


COST: $2.98

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Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 5 Comments

  1. junkfoodguy says:

    EVERYONE: Oh duh, I forgot the biggest game of the WEEK! Houston vs. Chicago, AKA MY SUPER BOWL PREDICTED TEAMS. I think that the Bears will win this time around, at home, with the Houston defense a LITTLE dinged.

  2. Elisa says:

    Bought this into the office awhile back. They went quick!

  3. Nick Rovo says:

    Seriously nabisco needs to hire me for their oreo flavor development division(didn’t make that up or anything…) because I have a ton of idea for new flavors. Dulce de leche, mocha, cherry, butterscotch, maple and the list goes on. These need to happen now.

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