Review: Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar & The Most Popular (and Likely Overused) Halloween Costumes This Year?

Junk Food Nation, Halloween is right around the corner, and most of you are using this weekend to dress up, go out, and get boozey.  More power to you.  While you struggle for last minute outfits, please allow me to recommend what I have heard from my co-workers are some of the most popular costumes this year:

1)      PSY (Gangnam Style): Are you Asian? Check. An Asian male? Check. Do you own a tuxedo form when your days in orchestra/choir/a cappella group? Check. Do you have sunglasses and white sneakers? Check. Actually this is a checklist for me, for some reason. I fit all these things. Why am *I* not dressing up as Psy??? Easiest costume in the world.

2)      Fifty Shades of Grey: Head to nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Sneak up to paint section stealthily. Knock over entire cascading floor to ceiling display of paint cans.  While employees rush to save the injured / save the paint, head over and steal all of those ribbons strips with different shades of grey.  Tape all over body. DONE.

3)      Binders Full of Women: Stolen from recent news, I have no idea how this costume would work. Obviously, be female.  Then walk around with two pieces of cardboard sandwiched around you, as a makeshift binder?  Ugh…need a think tank to help with this one.

4)      MY OWN IDEA: Go as the Twitter Hashtag! “#” : Just a T-shirt with a hashtag on it.  Then when you stand next to someone, you can say, “Look, you’re trending.” A great pickup line in any situation. I’m clearly a Casanova.

What are YOU dressing up as for Halloween?  Tell me in the comments below!

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar!

Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar: The Money Shot

Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar jumped out at me at my local Walgreens.  They were hidden behind a few bags of normal Cheetos, but I could sense the difference in packaging among the pattern of colors.  You can’t hide from me!

Ah ha!  I mean…what?

Can we please have a picture of Chester Cheetah that doesn’t make him look like a complete psychopath? On this bag of Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar he looks a LITTLE TOO HAPPY jumping around use those fire bellows.  And I get it…the smoke from fire coming off of the cheese turns into the cheese puff.  Clever….sort of.

Cheddar and what else?

The cheese shown on here appear to be some cheddar…some blue cheese…maybe some gouda?  Very confused here, since these are called Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar…not smoked cheddar and his friends.

Sooooo not good for you.

I spy one cheese, two cheese, three cheese…..

Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar contain smoked cheddar seasoning, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, and Parmesan cheese… ok.  Plus the word “smoke” appears twice in the list….sooo…..that seems like enough.

Standard look

When I opened the bag of these Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar, I could smell a nice smoky smell.  Not a lot of cheese smell, but a definite edge of smokiness.  They looked EXACTLY like regular cheese puffs, so I was really curious as to how these would taste.

Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar

And the verdict is…….NO.  NOOOOOO.  What the heck, Cheetos??? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

These Limited Edition Cheetos Puffs Smoked Cheddar….DIDN’T TASTE LIKE CHEESE.

Well, I should say they didn’t taste STRONGLY of cheese which, between you and me, WAS ALWAYS ME FAVORITE PART ABOUT CHEESE PUFFS.  These cheese curls tasted mildly of cheese with a lot of smoke flavor – the Junk Food gal even commented she felt like it tasted like it had a mild bacon-y taste to it.  Lots of smoke flavor to go with the mild taste of cheese and the standard firm Cheetos Puffs crunch.

I REALLY tried to taste the cheese flavor, licking the puff, etc.  Was it a smoked cheddar taste? Yes, but so mildly.  Was it a smoked gouda taste, a smoke anything cheesy taste? Yes, but even so softly.  Either smoked cheddar doesn’t have very much flavor, or these were horribly underseasoned except for the smoke.  Booo.

Chip Review had a similar MEH feeling, while Yum Sugar liked them.  Me? I could finish the rest of my bag, but this is definitely in the “giveaway” pile.  I’d avoid – stick with the classics.


COST: $2.89 retail, $2.50 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below (I always reply) or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Also, you can always email me at [email protected]. Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 17 Comments

  1. Adi says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want CHEESE flavor!! It’s what they advertise, why don’t they deliver??? Misleading!! Blasphemous.

  2. Erin says:

    these were so disgusting. they were nothing but smoke flavor and orange coloring. NO CHEESE AT ALL. who approves these atrocities of snack foods?!

  3. Elisa says:

    Speaking of cheese, Burger King now has a white cheddar cheese whopper.

    “Washington Post Express” had some costume ideas in today’s paper.

  4. Double boo – cheese puffs that don’t taste like cheese? FAIL. Any smoked cheese snacks you can recommend?

  5. Chip Review says:

    @JFG – Thanks for the shout man!! You speak the truth above!

    @Teresapalooza – Archer Farms (Target) has a couple of chips that are smokey cheese…but other than that, we don’t know of any.

  6. David says:

    Psy is so played out so i decided to go as William hung. Not that non Asians will know the difference….

  7. Andrea says:

    I’d be wearing my Slenderman costume. One part business suit, one part face obscuring hood, one part white gloves and one part black shoes. 😀

  8. danielle wyatt says:

    I loved the smoked chedder. I could taste the blue cheese seasoning. I stopped eating the regular cheetos when they went ‘super” cheesy, They also went super salty. I think the flavor of smoked cheetos is subtle and de-lish. But different strokes for different folks, ya know ?

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Danielle: No, I’m glad you liked them! I didn’t hate them per se – just liked others better. Very subtle indeed and I like my cheese puffs BOLD

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