In Stores Now, What Else is Being Eaten Around the Blogosphere, and Last Day to Enter to Win a Case of Justin’s Candy!

Happy Tuesday, Junk Food Nation.  Tonight will be filled with more playoff baseball and more political debating.  And I’m still exhausted.  This junk food filled body is trying to catch up with sports, world, and food news from the past few days.

Midnight tonight is the cutoff for entry into my latest collaboration/contest, a chance to win a full case of Justin’s candy in time to give them out for Halloween!  Details are here…Do it to it.

I thought today we’d look around and see what else I’ve been finding in stores, but not purchasing/reviewing for one reason or another, and also seeing what things other bloggers have been reviewing.

Aren’t cheese curls normally Nacho?

1) HERR’S NACHO CHEESE FLAVORED CHEESE CURLS, Walmart.  I’m confused, Herr’s.  What flavor or cheese curls normally? You think adding a jalapeno picture on the front changes anything for me?  Jalapeno Popper Cheese Curls and Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls – now you’re talking.  These? You can’t fool my taste buds THAT much with your trans fats, Herr’s.

2) CARAMEL APPLE MILKY WAY, seen at Walmart and Target. These have been reviewed by my friends at Fat Guy Food Blog and The Impulsive Buy.  Mediocre reviews all around, guys.  Avoid.

No, Target. No.

3) CANDY CORN BARK, Target. What the* y….you’re better than this, Target.  Peppermint Bark is delicious. But chocolate with pretzel sticks and candy corn embedded into it??? This is food, not a 4th-Grade art project. I half expected to find glitter and raw macaroni in this abomination as well. Gross.

Featuring real pumpkin?

4) THOMAS’ LIMITED EDITION PUMPKIN SPICE BAGELS, Walmart. I love bagels, and when I was a struggling lackey in New York, used to eat two day-old bagels at 50 cents a piece for lunch.  These days I’m doing much better.  These looked good, and smelled good through the bag. But I can buy bagels with coupons for like 75 cents per half dozen, and I wasn’t compelled enough to pay full price.  If you’ve tried them though, let me know in the comments!

5) SPECIAL K CRACKER CHIPS, SOUTHWEST RANCH FLAVOR, seen at almost every grocery store around me.  My friend over at Crazy Food Dude reviewed this, and this is one of those snacks that I always thought was a knockoff of Pop Chips or some other snack so I never bothered to buy them.  Plus, they are never on sale around me.  Looks like they are tasty and low cal…might need to eat them sometime.

I highly approve

6) PLANTERS PUMPKIN SPICE ALMONDS, Walmart. My friend Will told me about these, and I found them at Walmart!  I’m sure they are delicious but not too different from the Blue Diamond version I recently reviewed. I will give Planters credit – THIS WAS A GIGANTIC CAN.  Next time I need to eat close to 200 nuts in one sitting, I’ll know where to go.

Oldie but goodie

7) YORK DARK CHOCOLATE AND PEPPERMINT SUNDAE SYRUP, Walmart.  Yeah, this has probably been out a while, but I hadn’t seen it before. Mint chocolate syrup? A concept so simple and delicious I’m SURPRISED I haven’t seen it before.


8) NEW ENTENMANN’S CLASSIC PUMPKIN DONUTS, Mendecino, but I’m sure they are everywhere too.  My friend Adam recently gave these good marks!  Only Entenmann’s can have NEW and CLASSIC in the same snack.  And whatever, these are frosted pumpkin flavored donuts.  They can call them whatever they want.  I struggled to avoid buying these, because I am the type who can continue to kill a box of Entenmann’s pastries until my mouth is covered in powdered sugar and I am full of fats and shame.

That’s all for today.  Have you tried any of these? Let me know below!

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  1. Nick Rovo says:

    I’ve actually been looking for that syrup to try. I think it would work nicely in a faux keebler thin mints sundae.

  2. Will says:

    Planters makes an even bigger can also. I haven’t seen them this year, but last year the can was 2 times the size.

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