Review: Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls & The Winners of the Candy Corn Oreos Are…

Junk Food Nation, it is October 1, and that means Fall is in full swing.  Halloween is just around the corner, so to speak, which means that this blog will most likely, feature more pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, Halloween candy, and candy generally.  As many of you know, October is one of my FAVORITE months, and I posted about that one year ago: the weather is perfect, the flavors are perfect, and the SPORTS ARE PERFECT. Postseason baseball, the NFL in full swing, and basketball starting up? Nirvana.

Let’s get to the winners of my Candy Corn Oreo contest!  Almost 100 entries again, and a big THANK YOU to all who took part.  Using the random number generator at, I assigned every entry a number, clicked the button thrice, and found my winners:

*** @NickRovo ***

*** @DevinTHudson ***

*** @CrazyVegHead ***

Congratulations!  @NickRovo and @DevinTHudson entered so many times, I actually had to click the button a few times because both of their names came up more than once.  Well, that’s a lesson for all of you – RT a billion times and it ACTUALLY WILL increase your chances of winning 🙂 Anyways, for the winners, email your contact info to [email protected] and I’ll take care of mailing you your prize as soon as I can. (After you taste these, you may very well feel like you lost this contest 😉 )

Everyone else – I’m having more contests soon, so keep those twitter handles ready.

Today’s junk food: Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls!

Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls: The Money Shot

You can bet your ass that when I saw these Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls at Walmart, my jaw dropped.  First of all, I love cheese curls.  Second, I love bacon, Third, someone…someone combined the two?  You mean I don’t have to take my cheese curls and wrap them in bacon individually anymore? WINNER WINNER.

Love the bacony lettering

The design aspects of Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls bag is great.  Not only do you have gigantic lettering, but the word BACON is also written…well, IN BACON.  Brown letters surrounded by fatty outline and a white fatty line inside?  THOSE LETTERS LOOK GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT.

So glistening and messy

Plus, Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls leaves nothing to the imagination.  This is just a picture of some cheese curls and some fatty pieces of bacon with some cubes of cheese in the background.  There was no thought process behind this – they just took some clip art, overlapped it, and DONE.  Let’s go home.

Is smokehouse bacon an unmistakable flavor? I guess so

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM bacon indeed.  Some people say the bacon craze is over.  Some people are stupid.

WOW. 2 grams of trans fats!?

NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!  I thought Herr’s Jalapeno Poppers Cheese Curls were bad because they had 0.5 grams of trans fats per serving…but these Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls go for gusto with 2 whopping grams per serving!  Herr’s, I love how you disregard our health. Buck that health trend.

Speckled and smoky

When I opened the bag of Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls, all I could smell was cheese.  Like STRONG SMELL OF CHEESE.  Maybe a little smokiness, but basically it felt like I was crawling inside of a Nacho Cheese Combo and taking a nap there.

Also, these cheese curls were speckled….but I’m not quite sure with what. And you know what….I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients.  I can tell you that looking at the bag as I type this, outside of the dehydrated onion, tomato, and garlic, the only other veggie-like substance in the formula is…parsley.  Parsley?  Why would there be parsley in this snack? Herr’s, you mysterious minx.

Not sure why these look so herbacious

I said a final farewell to my low cholesterol and took a bite of these Herr’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls.  SIGH.  And I say SIGH because these were AMAZING. I SIGH because it’s like getting caught by the bounty hunter….the sigh of inevitability.   I will eat WAY too many of these.  I will buy these again.  I will tell everyone I know about them.  SIGH.

Anyways, these taste exactly as you think they would.  The crunch is standard for a cheese curl – nice and airy. There is so much cheese on these curls that it turned my fingers orange right away.  And the bacon flavor? Well, that was there too – nice and smoky, with enough salt to remind me of bacon.

If I was to find one small point of criticism, it would be that there wasn’t that little bit of porky fat taste that, for example, pork rinds have, to REALLY remind me of bacon.  That said, the smoky meat flavor was there enough that I didn’t think these tasted like anything else.  Blended well with the sharp cheese taste to provide a salty finger licking experience like none other.  Thumbs up, Herr’s.  Who knew trans fats tasted so good?


COST: $2.50

Thoughts? Please comment below (I always reply) or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Also, you can always email me at [email protected]. Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 16 Comments

  1. Cynthia says:

    So sad about the amount of trans fat. But dang it, Herrs has some amazing cheese curls, and I’m just gonna have to try these now. And then not eat for 2 days.

  2. What if I used these as croutons for a spinach and arugula salad? Then would it be healthy?

  3. Nick Rovo says:

    mmm nothing like ingesting the daily maximum for trans fats in one serving;]

  4. Chip Review says:

    Holy moly…OMG! Another one we were not aware existed!!! You truly have the inside track on all snack products sourced from Walmart 🙂 (do you live near, or in, a Walmart?).

    These sound and look delicious. We hope we find some soon!

    Your mention of trans fat reminds us that the chips in our review today clocked in at 3g of trans fat per serving!! Top that!!

  5. Chip Review says:

    Finally got to try these today, and we hate to say it, but we really did not like them!! Guess, to each their own, but our bag at least, did not evoke any thoughts of bacon in our minds…..

  6. Garrett says:

    I found these at an Ollie’s near me and decided to try them. I don’t get any bacon flavor from these- just cheese on top of cheese. Looking at the ingredients I see nothing listed that would replicate the flavor of bacon, not even artificial smoke. *shrugs* I wasn’t much of a fan.

  7. laura says:

    The Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls are too SALTY..Need less salt if using bacon drippings or processed cheese for these .

  8. Sherly says:

    My housemate and I are big fans of Cheetos Cheese Puffs, we can eat half bags on our own. When I saw Herr’s, I would expect we would love it, but both of us stopped after 2 puffs… it’s way too salty! Cheetos puff is way smoother in taster and texture. Try it and you’ll get hooked!

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