Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips & The Success of the Washington Nationals

Junk Food Nation, the final day of Retro Cereal Week is here!  Today, DAY 5, Foodette Reviews takes on the oldest cereal of them all: a 28-year old box of Corn Pops.  GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY. Read it here, and prepare to be horrified.

Also, I’d like to give a big birthday shout-out to my food writer extraordinaire pal, Nevin Martell.   He has helped me tremendously with this blog, and you should check out his writing too.

Today, I’d like to discuss some local sports.  As any baseball fan knows, there is a team here in Washington, DC, the Washington Nationals.  And last night with a win over the Dodgers, this Washington team clinched its first playoff berth for a Washington team in 79 years.

79 years you say? Has there been Washington teams in the past? Why, yes, young Padawan. The 1891 Washington Senators played in the American Association and the National League. The 1901 Washington Senators later became the Minnesota Twins. And the 1961 Washington Senators are now the Texas Rangers.  These Washington Nationals debuted in 2005, and while they weren’t an expansion team per se (they were the former Montreal Expos), they were run by Major League Baseball until 2006 when the new ownership group took over.

Some people are surprised that the Nationals are actually a good team this year, but I am not.  As my friend Rob knows, we’d been saying that it was only a matter of time, based on history.  New expansion teams eventually reach success in cyclical fashion just based on the fact that due to poor early performance, they are able to draft highly rated prospects, and new ownership groups are likely to want to spend on free agents to supplement that young talent.  It is a new ownership group’s typical willingness to spend that separates it from bad teams who draft well but have a history of low expenditures (see The Pittsburgh Pirates).  That combo, along with decent management, usually leads to postseason appearances.

The Florida Marlins were born in 1991 and reached their first World Series win in 1997 – six years.  The Arizona Diamondbacks were born in 1998 and reach and World Series win in 2001 – three years.  The Tampa Bay Devil Rays were also born in 1998 and reached the World Series in 2008 – ten years.  The Colorado Rockies were born in 1993 and reach a World Series in 2007 – 14 years.

There’s no rhyme or reason to this look back at expansion teams, but the point is IT HAPPENS.  Teams get better.  And while some fickle fans were ready to write the Nationals off after their first two losing seasons, there were those of us who knew that regular season success was just around the corner.  Hat tip, Nats fans.  October baseball beckons.

In celebration of the Nation’s Capital’s basbeall team making the playoffs, today’s junk food is: Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips!

Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips: The Money Shot

These were purchased at Walmart around Labor Day, so I’m guessing Herr’s was trying to hit on the BBQ market or something.  I haven’t reviewed a hot dog chip since 7-11 came out with theirs. But again, like the recent Limited Edition Cheeseburger Pringles, I have to ask: are you supposed to pair these with actual hot dogs you are eating? And the followup: just how much sodium can one body take?


Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips: 150 calories per serving

Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips: MUSTARD is the highlighted flavor here, clearly.

Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips: Wait, is HOT DOG an “iconic American flavor sensation?” I mean, it’s a hot dog, it’s not Call Me Maybe

Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips: Standard look

Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips: Up close, the layering of powder is more visible.  Are those little bitty hot dog specks, I wonder?

Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog Potato Chips, I must say, tasted SPOT ON. As I crunched the standard potato chip, there was of course the sour flavor of mustard, the slight tang of the ketchup, and the vinegar flavor that tied both together (as they would on your hot dog).

But what puts these chips over the top is that there is INDEED a slight porky flavor that resembled a hot dog! I scanned the ingredients, and can only assume it fits within the category of “Natural Flavors plus Smoke,” but these chips tasted just like a hot dog.  It was uncanny.

I have to say, I was impressed.  After being slightly put off by some of Herr’s previous meat-based selections, this one knocked it out of the park – pun intended.


COST: $2.48

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Discuss - 12 Comments

  1. Adi says:

    Hot dog flavored chips? That’s just nonsense.

  2. Have some of these in my pantry right now. Eerie how much they taste like a hot dog.

  3. Nick Rovo says:

    Meta-food will always creep me out no matter what incarnation it is. Well that’s unless an ice cream flavor is replicating some other dessert then its perfectly fine. Still I can’t see a reasonable place for these. If someone was to bring these to a cook out, I’d probably just laugh at them.

  4. Hannah says:

    Hot dogs freak me out since watching a video about how they were made with chicken carcass…however I can’t deny that they taste good (hot dogs not chicken carcass) and I think it’s unlikely there is any carcass’ in these chips so I’m going to track me some of these down when I am next in the US!

  5. Jim Thompson says:

    Hot dog flavored chips, are the best,wish they wouldn’t have discontinued them

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Jim: You might be able to still find them! Recently, I saw Utz got on the Baby Back rib and Hot Dog Chip train….so maybe another brand can satisfy your craving 🙂

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