Direct from Hawaii: Maebo’s One-Ton Chips & Last Day of Opinion Week: Opinion Quick Shots

Junk Food Nation, as we finish up Opinion Week (yes, we’re not going to go into a 7th day – apparently my weeks are only six days long), I thought I’d spend a tiny bit of time and give my quick opinion on a bunch of the topics you lobbed out there.  Agree or disagree, you wanted this – so here I go:

1. Legalized Marijuana – there’s enough litigation out there to suggest that legalization of pot is coming. I don’t care if people smoke pot as long as they aren’t hurting others (driving cars, etc.) If legalization is coming, then I’d lobby for strict DUI-MJ laws.

2. Cottage Cheese and Siracha – Sounds gross, but I haven’t tried it yet.

3. Global Warming – I don’t even understand the benefit of still claiming it doesn’t exist.  Is it just so companies WON’T have to cut emissions? I clearly don’t know enough, but how are people against reducing the amount of noxious gas we breathe GENERALLY, whether it causes a rise in temperature or not?

4. Counting calories – It works, but drives you crazy.  Look, you’ll lose weight if you burn more than you ingest.  Whether its in a healthy way or unhealthy way, that formula will always work. I recommend you do it healthily.  Yes, the Junk Food Guy says you should eat healthy. I don’t count calories, which is why I’ve had the same body shape since I was in law school.

5. Pro Sports played by Knife-Wielding Spider Monkeys – Well, watching this would certainly be no less absurd than watching certain Summer Olympic events.  Again, Velodrome?  What the hell am I seeing????

Thanks to everyone for participating in Opinion Week 2012!  I’ve got a bunch more contests coming up, so please stay tuned!

Today’s junk food: Maebo’s One-Ton Chips!

Maebo’s One-Ton Chips: The Money Shot

My buddy Nevin recently got back from Hawaii where he was eating and writing reviews for all of his favorite restaurants on multiple islands.  You can read some of his awesome pieces here.  One the way, he was thoughtful enough to buy me these: Maebo’s One-Ton Chips!


Maebo’s One-Ton Chips are named cleverly because they are wonton chips.  Made by the Maebo Noodle Factory in Hilo, Hawaii, back in the day, these chips are a popular Hawaii staple…or so I’ve been told.  The only wonton chips I’m familiar with are the ones that come with Chinese food that you typically dip into duck sauce or the ones that come on “Asian” salads at American restaurants.  Not the best endorsement.

I look like this!  No, I don’t.

Maebo’s One-Ton Chips look pretty damn good though, if the imagery on the bag is correct.  Wide noodles, toasted dark – scrumptious.  Love the design of the bag, the use of the cartoon weightlifter – this is definitely one of the more memorable packaging I’d seen in a while.

All the info YOU need.

Maebo’s One-Ton Chips can be bought online for a little over $4 a bag.  Or you can buy them in 15 oz bags which are the size of a pillow.  Lordy.

Pretty simple ingredients

Maebo’s One-Ton Chips

Not much seasoning on these Maebo’s One-Ton Chips but sugar and salt, and the caloric count is pretty standard too.  Time to rip open the bag!


Oooof – I tried to open this bag of Maebo’s One-Ton Chips gently and it went EVERYWHERE.  I managed to corral the chips back into the bag.  That’s embarrassing.

Maebo’s One-Ton Chips: closeup

The Maebo’s One-Ton Chips were very crunchy and had a nice toasted wonton taste.  Those wonton chips you get in a Chinese restaurant usually are crunchy but not charred at all – they’ve been process-fried.  However they made these, there was a nice toasted VERY-slightly smoky taste.  Despite the crunchiness, they weren’t hard on the tooth – perfectly flaky, like a fresh made tortilla chip.

Maebo’s One-Ton Chips: great folds

Taste of these Maebo’s One-Ton Chips? These had a nice salty taste but with DEFINITE sweet undertone – the flour itself must have some sugar in it, because the resulting flavor of these chips was not unlike kettle corn.  Sweet, salty, the blend was savory…really good.

Maebo’s One-Ton Chips: bubbly and toasted

Overall, it was hard NOT to LOVE these Maebo One-Ton Chips.  Perfect texture, tasty flavor, full of starch, and above all, very simple – the execution was perfect, didn’t need any bells and whistles.  Just a simple snack done right.  I kept stuffing my mouth full of them.  Thumbs up, Maebo.

PURCHASED AT: gifted from my friend Nevin direct from Hawaii!

COST: who knows.  These were tasty.

Thoughts? Please comment below (I always reply) or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Also, you can always email me at [email protected]. Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 14 Comments

  1. Angela says:

    Figured this would be the fastest way to reach you.


    COMPETITIVE EATING WIRE—If you’re interested in slamming down as many cheeseburger sliders as humanly possible, BGR The Burger Joint is soliciting competitors for its first-ever National Cheeseburger Slider Eating Championships, to be held on September 18 at the Bethesda location. If interested, submit your name, address, age and reason for competing to [email protected]. [EaterWire]

  2. Marvo says:

    I grew up on the island where these are made so I ate a lot of them. They are so good and they’re used in a few recipes that don’t involve salad. But now that I live on another island and they’re difficult to find on this island, I don’t eat them. But now I shall venture out to find a bag.

  3. Nick Rovo says:

    Won ton chips that I don’t have to go to a “chinese” place for? I’m down for that.

    One last thing for opinion week, your thought on my new tattoo?;]

  4. Dr. Stanley Goodspeed says:

    Call me Maebo’s?

  5. parowpyro. says:


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