The Truth about Irish Whiskey Fudge

Junk Food Nation, while I was in Ireland, I knew I had to buy and bring something home for my co-workers.  Courtesy office gift, right?  What I came up with was this: Irish Whiskey Fudge.

Irish Whiskey Fudge: The Money Box Shots

Irish Whiskey Fudge – perfect right? I knew that candy for the office was the easiest thing to do, and I figured “Well, the Irish are known primarily for beer and whiskey – let’s find something that combined both!” Plus for like 3 Euro a box, I figured it was a bargain.  And people always love fudge, right?

So I bought two types of whiskey fudge: Paddy’s and Jameson’s.

Paddy Whiskey?

Here’s an admission – I’d never heard of Paddy’s Whiskey before.  Maybe I’m just a dumb American, but Paddy’s was never a brand which ever crossed my path before.  Jameson’s, yes. Jack Daniels, yes. Johnny Walker, yes.  Paddy’s?  Must be a local thing.  Still, it was right next to the Jameson box, so I figured why not get two different flavors? Maybe they taste different.

Triple distilled candy

Jameson’s claim to fame is that their whiskey is triple distilled, giving it a uniquely smooth taste.  Hopefully their chocolatey fudge would be equally as smooth.

The boxes were both shrink wrapped, but I knew what I was expecting to find inside – chocolate fudge with a hint of whiskey taste.  I should have noticed, however, the ingredients:

Paddy’s ingredients

Jameson’s ingredients

You know, for being Irish Whiskey Fudge, do you see something noticeably missing from the list of ingredients?  COCOA.  CHOCOLATE.  ANYTHING OF THAT SORT.  See, and I didn’t even THINK to look at the ingredients when I was purchasing this.  Lesson learned (foreshadowing).

Similar foil wrapping

Irish Whiskey Fudge pieces from BOTH boxes looked exactly the same – gold foil wrapped around weirdly stiff and hard squarish pieces of…something.  Huh, I thought.  This certainly doesn’t look or FEEL like fudge.  I smelled the pieces – STRONG smell of whiskey.  Whoa.  I just got a contact buzz.  Seriously, don’t carry these while you’re driving.

Well, at least they smelled the part.  I’ll just unwrap a piece, and…


GAAAAAHHHHH!!!! WHAT IS THIS!? Where’s the chocolate fudge I’ve come to know and love?  Where’s the hell!

Turns out, the definition of fudge is very broad, and not just chocolate based – you’d think the Junk Food Guy would know that.  Well, I didn’t . So I was distraught when I saw these pieces that looked more like caramel than anything else.  Damnit.  Would my co-workers like this?

Immediate 0.08 BAC

I tried some Irish Whiskey Fudge and WOW.  If you like whiskey, then you’ll like this – this basically tasted like a very hard but chewable sugary caramel that was LOADED with whiskey.  In fact, it really didn’t taste like caramel.  It tasted like whiskey and sugar that had been mixed together and shaped into cubes.  The whiskey taste was so strong, there is no DOUBT this was Irish Whiskey Fudge. The texture was hard and waxy. Biting off a piece was hard, but once your teeth got the sugars working, it became malleable.

Sidenote: The Jameson’s and Paddy’s versions tasted NO DIFFERENT.  I am convinced that the manufacturer just used some generic brand for both.  Boo.

Anyways, my co-workers…didn’t love it.  Fail.  They appreciated the nice gift, but after each person had a piece, we smelled like the boozy office and people said the alcohol taste was too strong.  And outside of the typical jokes that we were all getting a candy-alcohol buzz going at work, I must say they were right. This was more of a novelty than an actual enjoyable treat.

So now you know, and have been warned.  Next time I go to Ireland – I won’t be buying this as a gift.

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Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. Chaz says:

    Paddy’s and Jameson are owned by the same company… so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just used the same whiskey. Powers is the most popular whiskey in Ireland, Jameson outside of Ireland.

    • Chaz says:

      Oh, and Paddy’s has only been exporting to America the last few years, it’s the third most popular in Ireland. It’s around in America, but not as common as as others Irish whiskeys like Tullamore Dew or Red Breast

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Chaz: Ah, cool. Thanks for the info, Chaz!

  2. Will says:

    Those things just look and sound awful.

  3. Will says:

    Those things just look and sound awful.

  4. Will says:

    Those things just look and sound awful.

  5. Will says:

    Sorry for the triple comments

  6. Roni says:

    I just brought some of the back from Ireland as well, gift for my dad. He LOVED them, said it’s the best candy he’s ever eaten. I just ordered more to be shipped (twice the cost of the candy itself) to have on hand for future gifts for the hard to please man in my life.

  7. Cera says:

    I just came across this, after eating a couple of pieces, wondering if anybody else was baffled by them. I am fairly buzzed after having a few and severely disappointed they were not typical fudge. in short, they are gross, but a sneaky way to be drunk at work 😉

  8. BlackDolphin says:

    Stumbled across this site in my quest to find out where I can more shipped to the states. Unfortunately after returning from Ireland very recently I only bought a couple of boxes for my kids. We were a little surprised that they weren’t chocolate but they tasted good enough that my kids devoured all the boxes within a week. I’m sorry that I didn’t buy more because I think they’ll make good Christmas gifts for the mailman, neighbors, ect…How anyone can say they get “buzzed” from these or smell like booze clearly never drank whiskey. Check the ingredients, only .1%. That’s like what a 1/2 a drop? If these are so “boozy” why are they sold all over the Dublin airport?
    @Roni…Where did you order them from?

  9. Steph says:

    LOL – i just made the exact same mistake for my coworkers – didn’t try any until I open a box for everyone, and BLEH! I would definitely classify as “whiskey caramel” as opposed to fudge, and way too much whiskey at that! But there are lots of boozaholics in my office, so they’ll likely appreciate…

  10. Lydia D. says:

    It’s an honest mistake for an American to make (not to bag on you, I too am American)…in my travels within this country, I can tell you from my experience, the packaging screams “touristy”, just choosing it is a dead giveaway to the locals. Pretty much any place equates tourist with sucker, and that they can pass anything off as authentic because you’re new to the area and have nothing to compare it to. Caveat emptor, I’m afraid. I’m also a gourmand who has studied much in international cooking, particularly desserts, and my best guess is that what you bought are what’s called “tablets”, which is a type of slow cooked candy somewhat similar to fudge (which is why so many feel the names are interchangeable)…it’s not as bad as expecting British pudding, biscuits, crackers or chips to be like American pudding, biscuit, crackers or chips (very different meanings). To give you a flip side of this experience, there was a Scottish-British woman a few years ago who visited this country for the first time in her life. A candy display in a store window caught her eye “Ooh! Tablets!!” She exclaimed “I didn’t know you sold those here!” My friend asked “is that what you call fudge?” They laughed, she excitedly went in, picked out a piece…and….uttered a horrified reaction, like it was poo. “Ugh!! What the he’ll is this?!?? This ISNT a tablet, it’s…its like mush!!” And made that “give me a bucket to spit this out NOW or I’ll puke!!!” expression. There was nothing wrong with the fudge,it was just an unwanted, unexpected shock to the palate. Apparently tablet candy has a much different texture than the fudge we all love. She even said there was nothing wrong with the flavor, but the texture evoked a feeling of turd eating. So different from tablets, she said.
    I experienced the same thing salivating over a big fluffy bowl of strawberry cream cheese on a brunch buffet table and finding out it was really smoked salmon mousse!! Each! Nothing wrong with the stuff, I happen to love smoked salmon,but my palate was so shocked from expecting strawberry cream cheese, the more I tried to eat it anyway, the sicker I felt.

  11. Lydia D. says:

    *yecch, not each. Thanks, auto correct

  12. You can buy finest Irish whiskey fudge from Carroll’s Irish Gifts online. The one I buy is not hard but soft and chewy and really good. My co workers loved it! My family did too.

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