New! Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone & When Do You Eat Lunch During a Work Day?

Junk Food Nation, when do you eat lunch during the work day? My friend Rob and I were discussing when we get to work – I usually arrive around 8:00am and leave around 4:30pm.  He’s more of a 9:30am to 6:00pm guy.  What can I say? (1) my former life as a prosecutor required early hours and (2) my internal clock is so screwed up from eating all this junk food that I can’t sleep past 6:30am most days.

Anyways, the question arose of when to eat lunch? Since I get to work at 8:00am, I usually eat around noon or 12:30 – evenly splits the day in half, and then I have ~three hours left before I knock off. Rob told me he usually eats around the same time too. Which is amazing to me, because if I got to work around 9:30am, putzed around for a half hour like I normally do, and then finally got down to brass tacks around 10:00am, to then eat lunch only two hours later seems bizarre to me.  I feel like I’d finish lunch and then realize, “Eff….now what?” as I stared at the clock.

Rob confirmed that he often stares at the clock after lunch and thinks “I have FIVE MORE HOURS LEFT AUUUUGH.”

So what about YOU, Junk Food Nation?  When does lunch fall in your day and does it affect your life at all? Tell me in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone!

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone: The Money Shot

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone doesn’t even appear on the Breyers website. I did, however, buy this at that Super Walmart, so maybe this is another Walmart-only special, like the Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert” Ice Cream Oreos?

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone: I am the type that loves strawberry and chocolate, so I knew this was for me

Whatever the case, I knew when I saw this Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone Frozen Dairy Dessert, I had to have it. I am definitely a lover of fruit and chocolate mixed. I like chocolate fountains, I like strawberries dipped in chocolate, I like candy bars with dried fruit in them.  This was gonna be good.

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone: Strawberry Swirl?? Drooling.

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone: Another frozen dairy dessert. Add some cream, Breyers!

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone: Good sign - strawberries are the 5th ingredient! Give it up for fresh fruit!

It is always always always a good sign when the fifth ingredient is fruit and not corn syrup. Unless the first ingredient four ingredients include corn syrup.  Well, you can’t win ’em all, Breyers.

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone: Yeah....I ate about half the container before I rememberedI needed to take pictures.

Yeah, so as soon as I opened this tub of Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone Frozen Dairy Dessert, I immediately began tearing through it with a spoon.  Sorry guy, for not capturing a more pristine photo – I couldn’t help my gluttony.

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone: Dripping strawberry swirl jelly-like substance. MMMMMM

Breyers Blasts! Strawberry Waffle Cone tastes just as you’d expect it to taste – predictable but tasty. Like the normal Waffle Cone with Chocolatey Chips yesterday, this had plenty of fudge covered waffle cone pieces.  This was, however, less crunchy than yesterday’s simply because there were no chocolate chips in this one – and I actually think it made it better.

Yesterday when I was eating the Waffle Cone with Chocolatey Chips, I would crunch along but with there were more waffle cone pieces.  Here, despite the lower ratio of crunch to smooth, I am guaranteed that all bits of crunch are fudge covered waffle cone.  The flavor profile works out in my head a little better.  I know I’m neurotic.

Anyways, flavor wise it’s pretty good.  Reliable, like yesterday’s.  Just a normal strawberry “ice cream,” with a strawberry jam-like swirl through it (kicks it up a notch), and plenty of waffle cone fudgey pieces to mix it up. The combo of the fudge waffle cone and the strawberry ice cream works extremely well.

I’d definitely eat this again, and if you have a chance to buy this at Walmart – do it.

Thoughts? Hit me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 8 Comments

  1. I usually get to work around 7:30ish and then workout for an hour during my lunch break. When I come back from working out, that is usually around 1:30ish and I have a small snack then before I leave at around 4:45ish. Much like you, I try to delay my workout/lunch as long as possible because it makes the afternoon seem that much shorter and makes it much more palatable.

  2. Los Angeles takes lunch at 1:00 pm – like clockwork, no matter when they start working. 🙂

  3. Shorneys says:

    Anywhere from 12 to 1. And then coffee at 2. And at 3. And possibly 4.

  4. Veronica says:

    I start work at 2pm so I have lunch at 1:20pm. Then its off to work I go because I owe owe owe.

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