New! Stacy’s Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps & Being the Weirdo at the Yard Sale

Junk Food Nation, this morning I needed to run a ton of errands – go to the bank, buy some groceries, etc. And one of the things on my list was to visit a couple yard sales that had been advertised in my area. Was I looking for anything in particular? Nah, but I like yard sales even though all you’re really doing is buying other people’s garbage.

So today, I drove to my first yard sale site…and kept on driving.  Why? Because there was NO ONE THERE.  Lots of tables with kid toys and old clothes, and a single 13-year old kid standing there with a cash box.  Right.  I drove to the second yard sale. SAME THING – not a customer to be seen, just the random female owner of the yard sale, sitting there in the shade in a law chair. I did the creepy slow down drive-by, and got the Hell out of there.

I refuse to be the creepy weirdo at the yard sale who is the ONLY ONE SHOPPING for second hand garbage.  So much pressure – you’re standing there, turning over used wooden hangars, deciding whether they are clean/not shitty enough to put in your own home, and the entire time you’re getting eyeballed by the lease holder.  Nuh uh. Forget it. I can buy trash another day.

Today’s junk food: New Stacy’s Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps!

New! Stacy's Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps: The Money Shot

New Stacy’s Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps were found in a local CVS right next to the peanuts and popcorn.  Kind of a random place to have these.  Not yet on Stacy’s website, I was immediately intrigued by the flavor combo of garlic and thyme. I LOVE THYME. Let’s do this.

I love word play

Wait, is that what Thyme looks like?  …..huh, I guess that IS what it looks like. Sort of.

Thyme, chives, rosemary

New Stacy’s Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps have garlic, thyme, and what else?  According to this ingredient list, rosemary, onion, chives, parsley, minced onion – delicious! How could these be bad.

Thin and flaky as opposed to thick and crunchy

I like the idea Stacy’s had with these New Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps. Take a traditionally thick and crunchy chip and make it lighter.  Simple.  I’m amazed it hasn’t come sooner!

Similar shape/form

As soon as I opened the bag of these new Stacy’s Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps, I could smell – well, pita. Just a refreshing bread-y smell, like I usually get from any other bag of pita chips. Nothing special, yet.  Time to munch.

Covered in herbs and creamy powder

MMMM very tasty.

Texture of the crisp: VERY light and flaky, unlike a typical Stacy’s Pita Chip which tends to be thick and crunchy.  The crunch is often the beauty of a pita chip. These, however, were really tasty too – light, crispy, and crunched very lightly in the mouth.

The Flavor: Immediately upon chewing these Stacy’s Perfectly Thymed Pita Crisps, you get the creamy garlic and onion flavor, but only so moderately.  Mixed with that creamy savory flavor you instantly get the herby, almost sour, taste of thyme!  Really interesting.   The herby taste REALLY comes through, and it finishes with a hint of parsley and rosemary. But it is mainly the sharp thyme flavor that emerges clearly to mix with the creamy garlic-y underbelly of the crisp.

I’d eat these again in a heartbeat!  Light, flavorful, and very munchable.

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Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 6 Comments

  1. Ashley M says:

    Stacy’s is evil. A delicious evil that makes you eat an entire bag by yourself.

  2. Janny says:

    Even the simply naked pita crisps are crunchy and quite good. I shall try the thymed crisps next time. This is my first time on your web site. Definitely not my last.

  3. Laura says:

    I can’t find them ANYWHERE!!! I’ve tried their other flavors but they’re not the same!! 🙁

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