FOUND: Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreo & Happy Mother’s Day & Some Sports Thoughts

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(1) According to, this blog is visited most frequently by females who are in the age range 35-44 that are college educated.  Nice!  Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom, and to all the wonderful moms out there!  You do too much, and deserve more than just one day to be recognized.

(2) The NHL Playoffs are officially done for me, as the Rangers beat the Caps 2-1 to take Game 7 last night.  I guess between LA, Phoenix, New York, and New Jersey, I’ll root for…the Oklahoma City Thunder.

(3) Today is a big day in the (my) baseball world: The Return of Andy Pettitte! You guys know Andy Pettitte, right? Pettitte, who won five World Series with the Yanks.  Pettitte, who had the best pickoff move in baseball.  Pettitte, who admitted to using HGH and is currently a witness in the federal case against Roger Clemens.  Pettitte, who retired in 2010 and now, at age 39, is attempting a comeback with the Yanks.  Well, all I can say is with the New York rotation the way it is – Welcome Back, Andy.

So weeks ago, a Twitter follower named King Rhino sent a message that Oreo was going to be coming out with a raspberry sherbet Golden Oreo very soon.  Later, my friend The Impulsive Buy covered the release of this cookie, noting that they could only be found at Walmart SuperCenters. The release of these new Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos coincided with the return of the Limited Edition Creamsicle Oreo, which I’ve already reviewed on this blog.

There was a stretch of time when I didn’t know that these Oreos were only available at Walmart SuperCenters where I called every Giant Food, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Walmart, and Target in a 20 mile radius to find these damn cookies – and no one had them!  So, I decided to finally make the trek.  The nearest Walmart SuperCenter…24 miles away. I called ahead: they had them. The Junk Food Gal and I went bounding down the highway to get these cookies!  That’s dedication, folks.

Once at the GIGANTIC Walmart Supercenter, I immediately made a beeline to the cookie aisle where, GASP! THEY WEREN’T THERE.  No sales associate could help me. I was furious – LIES LIES LIES! I waited in line for customer service, fuming, about to explode, when the Junk Food Gal called…”I found them.”

The first time I've ever seen a Seasonal aisle

SEASONAL???? What kind of aisle is Seasonal???? I’ve never seen anything like this before.  Imagine all the Xmas stuff, the Easter stuff, etc. goes into this aisle…is this where all the Limited Edition stuff goes too? Not really because the rest of the aisle was just filled with stacks of regular Pringles and soda.  Weird.

Nevertheless, the Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos were there!  And now, the first full review of them EVER! (Well, according to Google, at least 😉 )

Limited Edition Rainbow "Shure, Bert!" Ice Cream Oreos: The Money Shot

Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos, how I’ve longed for you. Dreamed about you. Made out with you, in those dreams.  And now you are finally mine. In all your “two cookies = 150 calories” glory.

Oreo has done Ice Cream flavors in the past, with Creamsicle and Berry Burst Ice Cream. Tackling rainbow sherbet is interesting though – the last time I remember eating rainbow sherbet was with my father in our local mall when I was like nine years old.  I hope these hold up, after ….a lot of years.

Not actual ice cream

Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos are not actually ice cream.  I know this sounds simple, but while I was calling all those grocery stores, so many employees went to go find them and came back on the line, telling me they couldn’t find it in the frozen food section. No matter how many different ways I described the cookies, and indicated they were NOT ice cream, the frozen food aisle was where everyone went to check first.  Zounds.

Is this a Sesame Street reference?

These are not Limited Edition Sherbet Ice Cream Oreos, they are Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos. What does the “Shure, Bert!” reflect? Is it Sesame Street’s Ernie saying, “Shure, Bert!”? That’s my immediate thought…except NO WHERE ELSE on this package is Sesame Street even referenced?  What the hell, Oreo?? What’re you going for here?

Ingredient no. 1: SUGAR

Hey I thought Kraft Foods was supposed to be renamed Mondelez??? Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos, get with the times!

Smells like heaven

As soon as I opened this package of Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos up, I’ll be damned if the smell of rainbow sherbet didn’t fill the air.  These rows of golden cookies with purple and green creme smelled the part, for sure.  Or, for Shure.

MMMM artificial coloring

Raspberry and Lime Sherbet...creme

Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos presumably contain a mix of purplish raspberry sherbet creme and light green lime sherbet creme.  I tried tasting these cremes separately, and honestly, there was indeed a distinct flavor to each creme!  The green was more citrusy and lime-y, and the purple was softer and had a rounder berry flavor. Maybe my mind was seeking those distinctions and so created them in my head, but I swear I tasted it.


I crunched on a couple of Limited Edition Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos, and I must say, Oreo did a great job here.  The rainbow sherbet flavor was on point, and matched REALLY well with the Golden Oreo.  Sweet and fruity, the creme was so light it felt like the icey lightness of rainbow sherbet.  Paired with the not-overpowering sweetness of the Golden Oreo, this was like getting a bite of rainbow sherbet with a piece of the waffle cone, all in one mouthful.

Back when the Creamsicle Oreos first came out, I HATED on them.  But these Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos I LOVED.  Release these everywhere, please.  And if you’re crazy like me and can make the trek to find a Walmart SuperCenter, I recommend these.

Thoughts? Hit me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 16 Comments

  1. Wow, something that actually makes me want to eat the Golden Oreo, which until now felt like a sham version of the original chocolate cookie. The filling looks awesome!

  2. Kim says:

    Hey, be happy that your NHL watching went as far as it did. If you think you feel bad then how do you think a Wings fan such as myself in the first round? =P

    On topic; I’m glad that they paired this creme filling with the Golden Oreos. Those are my favorite and I think that the regular Chocolate wafers would be a bit overpowering of the poor little sherbit.

  3. Adi says:

    You are number 4 when I search for these. LEGIT!!!! Not to mention these are delicious!!!!!

  4. Tiffany says:

    These are the most amazing cookie I’ve eaten in my life. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate so I can only handle a few regular oreo’s. But these…. the smell does fill the air just as you described! My mouth waters every time I think about these Oreo’s. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I just can’t stop myself. Best. Cookie. Ever. Oreo’s, thank you!

  5. CaitieB says:

    so i tried these and loved them, i dont really love original oreo because enough of them make your teeth black and i dont want to run back and brush my teeth every single time after enjoying a few of them, i absolutely love the rainbow shure, bert! flavor, its the one ice cream flavor i truly love over and over again. i love the white oreos as well, do you think you could put these in a cupcake and it would be a hit, i would sure love to try and do something with the ice cream filling as a frosting, really cool colors, and really tasty. and i should probably say this, the cookie part is just a formality, i really just love the filling

  6. birdie571 says:

    I didnt like the Shure Bert Cookies. Not good at all. Cant wait to try the Watermelon!

  7. Kel says:

    After looking in vain for these for a while, I gave up and forgot about them, and today there they were in my Giant! And you’re right, they’re delish.

    Even better when dipped in Candy Cane Jell-O pudding (yes, this is a real thing also at Giant right now, despite the seasonality).

  8. Rich says:

    Best… Oreo… Ever!!! “Shure,Bert”… more like “Shure, Rich… eat the whole pack”. I havent seen them anywhere since they originally appeared at the local Target.

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