Junk Food Guy Seeking: Bacon Shakes, Hot Dog Pizzas, & “Shure, Bert!” Oreos…Plus, I’m going to Ireland!

Junk Food Nation, it’s kind of a busy day around here at Junk Food HQ, so I thought I’d just mention some things which have been bouncing around Twitter, Facebook, and the web that I WANT to try.

It's bacon in a milkshake...what other explanation do you need?

1) The Jack in the Box Bacon Shake has been rocking the Twitterverse for some time now. There’s even a good article out there right now talking about the Social Aftermath of the release of the bacon shake.  55% of people thought it was delicious.  Really? So what you’re saying is slightly more people liked it than hated it?  Good enough for me!

Problem: the closest Jack in the Box is about six hours away in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Well, my buddy Dan lives there and he just had a new kid…maybe I can use that as an excuse to visit and then under cover of night and cute baby, sneak out to grab this shake.  Yeah, that’s not desperate.

Junk Food Guy Seeking: Bacon Shakes, Hot Dog Pizzas, & "Shure, Bert!" Oreos

2) The Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza is being served right now in Pizza Huts in the UK only… for now.  England is thousands of miles away from me.  I say we start a campaign to bring this here to the States, where only WE can appreciate the disgusting deliciousness which is a food item comprised of baked/fried dough with melted cheese, tomato sauce, and a processed edible meat shaft in the handle of said food item.

Seriously, this pizza crust just makes SENSE – I can go make one of these myself, I’m almost positive.  I smell a cooking post coming.

3) Oreo has a NEW FLAVOR out right now, called Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” Ice Cream Oreos. My friend over at the Impulsive Buy has a great piece covering these new Oreos – head over there to read up!  In short, they are Golden Oreos with pink and green sherbet icing inside.  Where can you get them? Walmart Supercenters only, currently.  The closest Supercenter to me is an hour away.  Am I willing to drive that far and burn that much gas for cookies?  I dunno…maybe.

4) On one final note, which I will be addressing in the next two days, I LEAVE FOR IRELAND FOR TEN DAYS starting this Saturday.  I’m brainstorming what to do with my blog, while I’m abroad, while at the same time trying to figure out how much Irish junk food I can stick in my suit case.  Any favorite junk foods out there that you can ONLY get in Ireland? Let me know!

Have a great Humpday, all!

Thoughts? Hit me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. You gotta load up on some of the crazy candy products they have in the U.K./Ireland. Check out chocolatemission.net for some examples…it’s insane.

  2. Kahnfucius says:

    You know, part of the UK is on the same island as the Republic of Ireland…just sayin’. You could spend all of your vacation gorging yourself on hotdog-stuffed stuffed crust pizza.

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