Salsa Con Queso Cheetos & Brief Awkward Tuesdays: Behind the Scenes (and the next Six Days)

Junk Food Nation, let me raise the curtain a little bit.  When I first started writing this blog, I used to go out and just buy whatever I thought was interesting – old or new.  Gradually I transitioned to only wanting to review new stuff; even better if it was Limited Edition. While my friends wondered if I would ever run out of things to review, experience has now taught me I will NEVER run out of things to review. In fact, there’s almost too much to review.

All the things I buy end up in my kitchen, and when I started out, in this GIGANTIC 55 gallon leaf bag that was in the corner of my kitchen floor.  I’d buy a new product, and it’d go into the  bag. When guests would come over, they’d say hello and notice this overflowing sack of Santa’s fat snacks in the corner, and then look back at me with a worried and confused look. “…It’s a long story,” I’d say. “I write a food blog.” It wasn’t that long of a story.

The bag has since transitioned into the box that my pillows came in from Costco, which is no less weird to visitors, especially when the box is full and I’ve resorted to piling stuff on top of the box. “Why are there Corn Nuts and Snickers on top of your pillow box, man?” What are you, a cop?

With this month being Frozen Food Month, my freezer is the same way.  I have tub upon tub of ice cream wedged amongst my chicken breasts, bags of frozen vegetables, and hot dogs.  Is it bad when 50% of my food storage is junk food related? Only when I have to show people.

Anyways, looking ahead: starting tomorrow I am in full blown Vegas mode until next Tuesday.  That’s six full days of no computer. Will this blog go silent for six days?  NAY! I’ve been working tirelessly with WordPress’ scheduled posting feature to bring you six straight days of posts, to automatically appear in my absence!  And since it’s Frozen Food Month, I’ll be CLEANING OUT my freezer, and hitting you with six straight days of ice cream reviews.  I call it: St.VegasMarchIceCreamYouScreamWeAllScreamForPatricksMadnessDayPalooza! So get ready, JFN. Cause SVMICYSWASFPMDPalooza is on.

Today’s junk food: Salsa Con Queso Cheetos!

The Money Shot

Salsa Con Queso Cheetos were released nationally last Tuesday, apparently, and are PepsiCo’s newest Cheetos flavor.  My friend over at The Impulsive Buy reviewed them yesterday, and being a Cheetos lover myself, I knew I had to try them. The Cheetos website really reveals no great details about Cheetos, except that they are Gluten Free!  Woohoo! Gluten haters, rejoice!

Salsa with Queso...I can Spanish it up too

Salsa Con Queso around these parts (or at any party I’ve been too) is usually salsa mixed into a heated bowl of Cheez Whiz or Velvetta.  Super cheesy while at the same time tangy due to the tomato and chiles. Seems like a good addition to Cheetos – but how will these actually hold up?

Splish splash

Chester Cheetah, multitasking mode.  Tail wrapped around a Cheeto, hands holding a bowl of salsa con queso and throwing veggies into it, while running and laughing.  Wait, is this multitasking, or did the artist just try to fit everything possible into one random cartoon?

Begging for more??? Ok...

Salsa Con Queso Cheetos, I don’t believe in begging.  Well, not yet, anyways.

Queso seasoning?

Salsa Con Queso Cheetos have an ingredients list with so many parentheses that I feel like I’m doing a complx math problem or reading a long string of legal citations.  It’s ingredients WITHIN ingredients WITHIN ingredients.  This can’t be made simpler?  “Corn, Flavor.” Done.

Bright orange

Well, there they are, people.  The Salsa Con Queso Cheetos. Very orange, as per usual. No distinctly diffrent smell – standard corn and cheese Cheeto smell.

There's the Queso seasoning

Oh but the taste….these Salsa Con Queso Cheetos are very very good.

First, standard corn flavored Cheeto crunch and cheesy finger causing texture.  Always reliable, always satisfying.  Next, the cheesy coating itself.  Tangy, just like a salsa con queso.  The tang could be coming from the tomato powder or the lime extracts or both.  Whatever it is, the cheesy tangy mix is very different from the rounder cheesy flavor that other Cheetos have.  Definite hints of chile powder, but not a strong pepper taste, per se.  Just an overall chile edge to the flavor with a tiny burn at the end.  These were very eatable.

While the Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos are still my current favorite, these might take a close second.  Very good, Cheetos.  I’m glad you rolled these out.

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Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. Completely feel your pain. My refrigerator and cabinets are filled with stuff that I’ve got to review. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve told myself that I am no longer buying something just for the sake of a review. I’m only buying something if I need it because I just don’t need all the crap that I have. It’s stupid and amazing at the same time and obviously, based on your post, you feel the same way!

  2. Marvo says:

    Yup, you will never run out of new products to review. For The Impulsive Buy, I maintain a Google Docs spreadsheet that lists all the new products available that I know about. Our writers can pick and choose from the list what they want to review. I think there are currently 75 products on that list. Every month, I take stuff off the list that’s been on for a while, but I add more than I take off.

  3. Marvo says:

    Also, thanks for the shout out!

  4. Nia says:

    I tried these just a few days ago and love them. The problem is I don’t remember where I got them, just picking them up on a whim. And now I can’t find them anywhere. 🙁

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