Junk Food Guy Seeking: Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer & Why Aren’t More Junk Foods Consumer Decided? 3 Suggestions…

Junk Food Nation, why aren’t more junk food flavors decided by the public? It seems like every single month, Mountain Dew is having another promotional battle between two or three new flavors of “The Dew.” Doritos has had a YOU NAME THE FLAVOR contest in the past. So why not more of this?  Why can’t a huge write in campaign decide what the next great flavor of Jell-O Pudding is, or what the next spice added to your Pepsi should be?  To that end, here is my three item wish list:

1) HOLLANDAISE DORITOS: Seriously, can we just do this already? I love Doritos, and one of my favorite meals in the world is Eggs Benedict.  Can we just agree that we ALL love Eggs Benedict, and end this farce like some of us like it, and some of us don’t? We all do. And it’s simple why: Hollandaise Sauce!  This emulsion of egg yolk, lemon juice and butter goes well with eggs, meat, bread – EVERYTHING.  So why not powder this shit down and sprinkle my favorite tortilla chip with it?  I think this could be a big hit.

2) NUTELLA OREOS: How does THIS combo not make perfect sense??? Oreos, good. Nutella, the amazing cocoa hazelnut spread, great.  Nutella Oreos: DIVINE!  Seriously, those Oreos with chocolate cream inside aren’t cutting it – I need me some hazelnutty scrumptiousness inside those cookie wafers.  Could you imagine?  COULD YOU EVEN IMAGINE?

3) PIZZA BEER.  Seriously, I love beer and I love pizza, so why not mesh the two?  OH WAIT…SOMEONE HAS!

Presenting today’s Junk Food Guy Seeking: Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer!

The Company Shot

Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer is for reals, yo.  It is beer that tastes like pizza. And according to Urban Daddy, it really REALLY does!

“Yes, this beer tastes like pizza. Scarily so, in fact. The tomato sauce aftertaste and top notes of mozzarella will haunt your dreams. And by dreams we may also mean nightmares. We’re still not completely sure.”

Middle weight, with lots of basil and oregano

According to their website, it all started in a home brewery in Campton Township, IL.  They tweaked and tweaked and tweaked until they came up with the right combo of flavors…wow.  Well, I’m sold.  Even if this is just tomato beer that has been stewed with basil, and oregano, I want to try it.  Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer, where are you distributed???

PS: And why do you still have a MYSPACE PAGE?  Good lord.

Thoughts on the pizza beer or on consumer-driven flavored junk foods? Cmon, give me some of YOUR junk food flavors you WISH you could see!  I wanna hear all about them.  Let’s start a revolution.

Tell me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. Kahnfucius says:

    – pho-flavored beef jerky
    – bacon cheeseburger soup
    – Nuts & Gum (see http://vimeo.com/9372862)

  2. Mr Bacon says:

    I got a book called “1001 beers you have to try before you die” (or something along those lines) for Christmas a year ago, and one that immediately popped out was the above pizza beer! I’ve kept my eyes open ever since, but never come across it.. 🙁 Guessing chances are slim of finding it here in the UK, but come to think of it I haven’t actually asked any local shops if they could get it in. Will do now, though. 🙂

    As for your question, I’d flippin’ love it if Ben & Jerry’s did a Bacon & Maple ice cream – made it myself and it’s delicious, but I’m nowhere near as good as B&J at making ice cream, I reckon they could take it to a whole other level.

  3. Mr Bacon says:

    Haha yeah it’s pretty awesome, I’ll whip a batch up soon as I get a chance and post up a recipe. Was going to do it for the blog at some point anyway, will let you know when its up. 🙂

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