Fast Gourmet’s Chivito and More & Where Were YOU For That Super Bowl?

Junk Food Nation, tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and I’m excited.  I’ve made close to 11 pounds of pulled pork, and it’s destined to be a food fest. Plus, tomorrow we’re going to try something different on this blog! You’ll want to come back and see what’s up.

Anyways, while I was preparing for tomorrow’s big game, I kept thinking about Super Bowl XLII (2008), the first meeting of the Giants-Patriots. AH YES, the undefeated season comes to an end.  I remember exactly where I was; this was one of my best memories.  A whole bunch of us were at my friend Andrew’s apartment – seven people rooting for the Giants, and my buddy Mike pacing in the background with his Patriots jersey on. When David Tyree’s helmet catch occurred, Mike looked sick. I was rejoicing because I HATE THE PATRIOTS (divisional rival of my Buffalo Bills, and all.  Plus Tom Brady had the perfect life – he didn’t need an undefeated season). The game ended, everyone was cheering, and Mike just wanted to get the hell out fo there. Then I managed to spill the meatballs I brought all over Andrew’s carpet. It was a good night.

Where were YOU for the last time the Patriots-Giants met in 2008? (Let me know in the comments below!) Of course, my thoughts of 2008 led me to think…could I name EVERY SINGLE PLACE I’d been for the Super Bowl?  Find out after the jump!

JFN, I’ve only reviewed fast food on this site six times so far.  Well, here is lucky number seven: Fast Gourmet!

Old gas station scuff

You can read my buddy Nevin’s review of Fast Gourmet here. Essentially, it’s an old gas station converted into a “fast food done right” Uruguayan and Cuban nom nom factory!  I mean, just look at the photo above.  You can still see the grease stains (The place is actually super clean, I promise).  Here in DC, it serves up some amazing grub.

The menu

The menu has tons of items on it, all nicely written in chalk. But I only have one thing one my mind…

Target acquired

…Fast Gourmet’s signature sandwich, the Chivito!  Bread piled with beef tenderloin, mozzarella, ham, bacon, a fried egg, green olives, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. It reminds me of the Body Bag.

Empanada appetizers

But first, some appetizers.  Fast Gourmet serves up amazing crunchy empanadas in a flaky shell.  There’s no ingredients on the boards, but if I had to guess…

Corn empanada

…the corn empanada was filled with corn, green chile, and lots of queso fresco, and…

Beef empanada

…the beef empanada has ground beef and olives. Swimming with flavor, crunch, and deliciousness.

The Cubano

Another sandwich on the menu is their standard Cubano. Seriously toasted crunchy bread….

Porky pork pork

…loaded with quality ham, pulled pork, mustard, melted cheese, and sour pickles.  Probably my go-to sandwich here when I don’t feel like having a heart attack.

But let’s get right to the main event, shall we?


THE CHIVITO!  Again, a big ass roll piled with beef tenderloin, mozzarella, ham, bacon, a fried egg, green olives, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  You think this didn’t weigh three pounds? Because it sure felt like it.


One bite and my heart did stop…but only for a second. You taste all the flavors – the beef, the ham, the egg, the bacon, in one big salty meaty mouthful.  The mayo and cheese only serve to accentuate the creaminess of the egg and makes everything feel like its lubed up and ready to go into your belly.  The lettuce and tomato just help offset the indulgence with a little bit of crunch and acid.  And the olives kick you with some sour and salt when the chew needs it most.

By far the most indulgent sandwich I’ve had SINCE the Body bag. I only got about halfway through when I think I feel asleep and had to be rolled out of the restaurant.  That’s the sign of a good sandwich – it induces coma!

DC Hot Sauce

Just as a bonus, I saw this bottle of DC hot sauce in Fast Gourmet! DC Redbone…it wasn’t good.

But Fast Gourmet was.  Come here, call me up, and I’ll take you on this Chivito adventure anytime you want.


Alright, let’s give this walk down memory lane a shot, shall we?

SB XXV-XXVIII (1991-1994): All the Super Bowls that my beloved Buffalo Bills lost.  Ugh. For each game I was in my parent’s living room, lying on the blue shag carpet. I forgot my living growing up was like an Austin Powers movie. I’m sure I cried heavily into that carpet during those tortuous years.

SB XXIX (1995): 49ers-Chargers. First Super Bowl party I’d ever attended at my friend Erik’s house.  And there were girls there!  Ooooooooo (man, I was really a late bloomer, wasn’t I?) I’m pretty sure I paid less attention to the game and more attention to whatever fellow 10th grade girl’s body parts.

SB XXX (1996): Cowboys-Steelers. Blind spot – no idea where I was. Given the number of the bowl, I think Vin Deisel drugged me.

SB XXXI (1997): Packers-Patriots. At home again, senior year. I remember this game as the Desmond Howard game, as everyone else does, I’m sure.  One of the best Super Bowls I remember watching.

SB XXXII (1998): Broncos-Packers. Freshman year of college, on vacation in Florida with some friends, watching the game in some random alum’s house. I was only one of two guys rooting for the Packers in a room of like twenty.  So annoying.

SB XXXIII (1999): Broncos-Falcons. This was the season of the Dirty Birds. This is also another Super Bowl blind spot for me.  Having just returned from New Orleans that year, I’m pretty sure I was lying in a hospital somewhere and missed the game.

SB XXXIV (2000): Rams-Titans. My Bills had just been crushed by the Music City Miracle. I was flying back from the British Virgin Islands with my friends and we had a random seven hour layover in Puerto Rico…right when the Super Bowl was on. I watched Kevin Dyson almost make it in a random bar in PR.

SB XXXV (2001): Ravens-Giants. Buried in the work of my senior thesis, I watched this one in the suite of my friend Adam. I distinctly remember watching Spinal Tap shortly after the game ended. It was indeed an odd juxtaposition.

SB XXXVI (2002): Patriots-Rams. The first game I ever bet on! Watched in my friend Joe’s apartment while eating pan fried steaks, I leapt for glee when Vinatieri kicked the final field goal – cash money in my pocket!

SB XXXVII (2003): Bucs-Raiders. My first year of law school, and another blind spot. Was I too busy in the library?

SB XXXVIII (2004): Patriots-Panthers. THE WARDROBE MALFUNCTION GAME!  At my friend Phil and Dusty’s place. I don;t know what was more stunning – Janet Jackson’s breast or the fact that Jake Delhomme was in a Super Bowl!

SB XXXIX (2005): Patriots-Eagles. Hosted this party in my high rise apartment in Maryland. Everyone was rooting for the Eagles.  Everyone left angry.

SB XL (2006): Steelers-Seahawks. Another blind spot. Damn you, alcohol!

SB XLI (2007): Colts-Bears. Watched in my tiny studio apartment with two friends, as Rex Grossman futilely tried to pass accurately. The Redskins had no idea what was to come (oh wait, yes they did.)

SB XLII (2008): The meatballs left a mark…yikes.

SB XLIII (2009): Steelers-Cardinals. At my buddy Vince’s house, he of amazing BBQ pedigree.  We ate lots of meat that year. I was rooting against the criminal sexual assaulter, but sometimes we don’t get what we want.

SB XLIV (2010): Saints-Colts. SNOWMAGEDDON! I had no food, no beer, every single supermarket was destroyed, and my friends Rob and Mike walked over a mile through knee high snow to watch the game at my place.  It was a rough one, but an amazing game.

SB XLV (2011): Packers-Steelers.  Did I know that this game would be the beginning of all the Discount Doublecheck commercials?  No I did not. Back to my buddy Vince’s place for this one, with even more meat.

Well, that was an exhausting exercise that I’m sure only five of you found interesting. But for me, as a sports fan, the Super Bowl is one of those moments that you remember where you were.  So I ask you again – where were YOU for the last time the Patriots-Giants met in 2008?

Hit me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. 2005 I remember watching the game with a rabid Patriots fan and a room full of non-football fans who just wanted to see the commercials. When they won, he wanted to celebrate, but everyone was just talking about the half-time show. He had to leave and call someone – anyone – in Boston. We were useless to him. 🙂

  2. Kahnfucius says:

    I’m glad you were able to get back to Fast Gourmet when they had the chivito. It is a most excellent sandwich.

    I won’t regale you with stories of my SB XLVII, since you were there, but I do remember how quiet it was during the last two minutes or so–everyone was so focused on each play. Don’t think I’ve been at another SB where that happened.

  3. Rodzilla says:

    Aside from the burnt bun that looks pretty damned tasty.

  4. Monica says:

    The unwarranted and unsolicited remark about DC Redbone Hot Sauce.
    I just happen to be the manufacturer of this sauce. Eventhough you may not have cared for it, why take a picture and plaster it with your negative spin and refer to this as a BONUS? Really? A bonus for whom?? I take pride in all my AWARD WINNING SAUCES. DC Redbone won in THE HOT PEPPER AWARDS of 2009 and 2010. It was bought by The Hot Sauce of the Month Club in December. The others are Coco Loco Mango and my Shak Shak Gourmet Jerk just won the Cook-Off in the Fiery Food Challenge 2012 winning THE GOLDEN CHILE PEPPER AWARD. My sauce is not good — it is EXCELLENT — and dotted line — it’s the SALES at the END of the DAY — and apparently FAST GOURMET thinks it’s good enough as they order rather frequently. I really don’t care if you don’t like the sauce — there are thousands out here for you to eat — but to go through this measure of trying to undermine my small business and put your negative spin out there trying to convince others not to taste my sauce because you said it’s not good is totally unacceptable. I am an Afro/Native American woman and Washingtonian as well and there are plenty of homies who LOVE this sauce and continue to support me. Just sayin.

    • Pops says:

      Hey Monica, u mad? LOL

      Someone’s opinion doesn’t make-or-break your business… but acting petty on the internet might. Truthfully speaking, I wish all business owners did stuff like this. I like knowing who to (or not to) support.

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