Limited Seasonal Flavor: Mission Sweet Sugar & Cinnamon White Corn Tortilla Chips & KENTACOHUTS

Junk Food Nation, back in September, the YUM! brand sold off it’s A&W and Long John Silver stores to focus on its core three food chains, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC, and their expansion in China. For those of you unfamiliar with the YUM! brand, it’s the largest fast food company in the world, with nearly 38,000 restaurants in over 110 countries.  And when you think about, it makes sense – back where I’m from in Upstate New York, there was definitely two Taco Bells to each town.  Every rest stop and every exit ramp would have signs for a KFC, a Pizza Hut, etc.  I bet your hometown has been assimilated as well.

I first heard the term, “Kentacohut,” from my friend Lucy, who is from Kansas, where the YUM! brand has plenty of roots. “Kentacohut” is an amalgam of the three major chain names under the YUM! Brand – (Kent)ucky Fried Chicken, (Taco) Bell, and Pizza (Hut).  It refers to the occurrence of all THREE of these amazing fast food chains being under the same roof across America.  You’ve seen them – those super weird combo joints, glistening with white and neon colors, where a Number 3 Meal is two slices of pizza, two pieces of white meat breast and a baja chalupa, everything covered in salsa.  Urban Dictionary even recognizes this nickname! Hell, “Kentacohut” was a term dropped in the movie “Young Adult” that I saw last night. When Charlize Theron spoke the term, I nearly popped out of my seat. YUM! brand is everywhere.

Anyways, I was dismayed that they sold off A&W and Long John Silvers.  According to YUM! the two chains didn’t fit into their international growth plan.  What, Chinese and Russian people love Crunchwrap Supremes, Stuffed Crust Pizza, and Famous Bowls, but don’t love fried fish and hot dogs?  Whatever! And here I was, trying to coin the phrase “A&Kentacohut-Silvers.” Rolls off the tongue. Just rolls off.

Anyways – one thing that is sold at Taco Bell that I’d always had mixed feelings about were Cinnamon Twists.  Essentially a fast food version of a churro, I always felt like the Taco Bell version was a little too crunchy and not tender. When I saw these Mission Sweet Sugar & Cinnamon Tortilla Chips, I was immediately curious.

The Money Shot

Knowing that I already didn’t like the idea of Taco Bell butchering the churro, I was curious what Mission was trying to do with this chip.  Mission is a Texas-based tortilla maker that’s been around only since the 1970’s.

I did a little research, and turns out there is another Mexican dessert called buñuelos. According to Wiki, “In Mexico buñuelos are made from a yeasted dough with a hint of anise that is deep-fried, then drenched in a syrup of brown sugarcinnamon, and guava. Buñuelos are commonly served in Mexico and other Latin American countries with powdered sugar, a cinnamon and sugar topping, or hot sugar cane syrup (piloncillo) and are sold in fairs, carnivals, and Christmas events such as Las Posadas.”

So there you go. Fried tortillas covered in cinnamon and sugar during the holidays?  Buñuelos!

Why not "Limited Edition?"

Okay, now that I know where Mission is trying to go with these Sweet Sugar & Cinnamon White Corn Tortilla Chips, it’s time to evaluate.  Very festive bag, with the red color, the random snowflake (does it snow in Mexico?) and big letters screaming LIMITED SEASONAL FLAVOR.  Saying this, I think, is probably a more accurate description for most of the snacks I’ve tried than LIMITED EDITION.  Limited Edition usually means limited run, never to be seen again. But some of these “Limited Edition” snacks I’ve tried apparently come out every year, according to my intel.  BS!!

Churros! Sort of.

The red foil bag is pretty, I must admit.  The light reflects off of it like there’s an eternal sunrise in the background.

Simple ingredients

All that’s in these Mission Sweet Sugar & Cinnamon White Corn Tortilla Chips is corn, oil, and seasoning. Simple is good.

Cinnatwists, I'm telling you

I always did like how Mission made their tortilla chips into strips.  Makes for good dipping.  But what would I did these sugary strips into?  Well, Mission has that covered as well:

Goat cheese? <shudder>

Peaches with Goat Cheese?  Yikes.  I hate goat cheese.  I’ll pass on this one.

Random recipes

Both of these sound good. If you can read it, the “tip” in the center of the picture says, “if you can’t find white chocolate sauce, melt chocolate chips and add a little cream.” Ummm that still doesn’t make white chocolate, geniuses.

Cinnamon sugar explosion!

Open the bag of these Mission Sweet Sugar & Cinnamon White Corn Tortilla Chips, and BAM! IT’s like a sugar and cinnamon supernova in here.  Immediately the smell of cinnamon wafted out.

Furry with sweet seasoning

Each chip is simply DOUSED with sugar and cinnamon.  There is noooo skimping on the seasoning with these chips.  Thank you, Mission, for being generous.

Won't be dipping' these into salsa anytime soon

The taste of these Mission Sweet Sugar & Cinnamon White Corn Tortilla Chips? Crunch crunch crunch… not bad.  Pretty sweet, but not sickeningly so with corn syrup. Good crunch, and good corn flavor.  Lots of cinnamon spice.  Decent, overall.

Here’s the thing – it just tastes like a solid Mission tortilla chip – covered in cinnamon and sugar.  Nothing really special about it, but it tasted good.  Honestly, the flavor I got when I started to chew was…Apple Jacks.  Swear to God.  Makes sense – Apple Jacks are a corn based cereal with cinnamon sugar flavor, and these have the same ingredients (absent any apple taste).

Would I buy these again? Probably not, but only because nothing really jumped out at me.  But were they pretty good?  Yeah, they were.  Thumbs up, Mission.

Thoughts?  Tell me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 9 Comments

  1. Adi says:

    Buñuelos are my absolute favorite thing to eat on Christmas Eve and it’s never missing at my house at Christmas time. Freshly made with a cold glass of milk – mmmmmmmmmmmm I could eat that all day!

    These puppies, however, don’t make the cut. Maybe if I nuke them…? Nah. I’ll stick to the real thing.

  2. Neil Tyra says:

    Kentacohut…great. Now we can continue to export diseases almost unheard of in Eastern countries before now to China in mass quantities.

  3. Sarah says:

    I don’t know if you remember, but long before cinnamon twists TB had cinnamon “crispas” which were essentially deep fried flour tortillas with cinnamon-sugar. Those were awesome and much better than the twists. Because who can beat churros? Real churros are awesome.

  4. Gail says:

    Yummy with strawberry, kiwi, apple fruit salsa!!

  5. Aaron says:

    These chips are awesome! Buy on Amazon if you cant find em locally.

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