Limited Edition Terra Nutmeg Spice Sweet Potato Chips & Junk Food Guy: Ghost Protocol

Junk Food Nation, last night I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  And it was bad ass.  BAD. ASS. Great action scenes, and the director Brad Bird did a great job capturing the essence of a Mission Impossible movie.  One question though: Why does it always seem like the Impossible Mission Force, the IMF, is always getting f*cked over somehow in all these movies?  Let’s recap for you Mission Impossible fans:

MI:1 – The IMF has a mole, and after a botched job, suspicion falls on Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise).

MI:2 – A former IMF has gone rogue and all evil-like, and stealing a super-virus to unleash on the world. Ethan has to save the day.

MI:3 – Ethan discovers that the IMF has a mole, and has to steal a super-virus to draw him out.

MI:4 – The IMF is framed for blowing up the Kremlin and disavowed, and Ethan Hunt has to figure out whodunit.

See what I’m saying? You’d think HR at IMF would do a better job screening people after 3-4 movies.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Terra Nutmeg Spice Sweet Potato Chips!

The Money Shot

Terra Chips offers many varieties of sweet potato chips, and anyone who hasn’t had the original sweet potato chips is really missing out.  Sweet, savory, and crunchy, these chips have been around since 1990. I bought this particular limited edition bag in Whole Foods.  It’s getting real in a Whole Foods chip aisle.

Nutmeg and Sweet Potatoes

Nutmeg Spice is a great holiday flavor, and I don’t know if you can see it (very faded) but there were little snowflakes in a dark grey on the bag. Very festive – if the lighting on the bag didn’t wash them out.  Sorry folks.  Not a photographer here.

Orange and Red

Whatcha see is whatcha get.  I love the color of these sweet potato chips, with no food coloring added. Not like blue raspberry stuff.  Yuck – I’ve already previously written my diatribe on “blue raspberry flavored” things.

Warm it up, Terra

Stripped down ingredients

Limited Edition Terra Nutmeg Spice Sweet Potato Chips contain very few ingredients, which is nice. Mainly evaporated sugar cane juice and nutmeg…now I’m REALLY curious as to how these taste.

Like autumn leaves

Crunchy colors

Lightly seasoned with nutmeg

Limited Edition Terra Nutmeg Spice Sweet Potato Chips were very very slightly seasoned, as you can see from the pictures.  I took a healthy pinch of chips between my fingers and chomped – REALLY good.

The sweet potato chips themselves are superb.  Crunchy yet tender and full of sweet potato flavor.  The cane juice merely accentuated the real sweetness of the potato. Add on top of that a very SLIGHT taste of spice and nutmeg, and you really have a nice savory/sweet tasting chip.

Nutmeg is a spice that you either love or you hate, and I think anyone would like this chip. Terra lightly flavored them with nutmeg, rather than saturating the surface with nutmeg spice. There was no clubbing over the head with nutmeg in this bag.

Now the question is were these nutmeg chips any better than regular sweet potato chips?  Tough to say, because I like regular sweet potato chips so much.  Would I eat these again?  Yes.  Would I necessarily buy these over other Terra Sweet Potato chips?  Probably not…but I did like these.

Any thoughts? Tell me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. You forgot to mention that you were able to use your Whole Foods voucher after all! Win win! 🙂

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