Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams (Chocolate Creme & Caramel) & Awkward Mondays: The Freeloading Intern

Junk Food Nation, this awkward moment happened to me recently: in my law practice, my office has interns. In my particular case, another attorney and I shared an intern, but others had their own interns. It’s tradition in my office for the supervising attorney(s), when the intern’s semester is wrapping up, to treat that intern to lunch as a thank you for working tirelessly and for free (suckers).

This was the case last week. My shared intern’s (let’s call her M) last day was approaching, so my colleague and I decided to take her out to lunch. She then asked if another intern (let’s call her T) could tag along since it was her last day too and she didn’t want this other intern to have to eat alone on her last day. M explained that her attorney was going to be in court all day.

The smart move would’ve been the rude move, which would’ve been to say, “Sorry, M – this is for you and you only.” But, not wanting to appear cheap and heartless, we agreed that T could come along. Immediately, we went to T’s attorney and said, “What the eff? We’re taking your intern out to lunch now?” to which T’s attorney replied, “What? But I’m taking her out to dinner after work. I’m not paying for her lunch too!”  Zounds.

So the conundrum – were we on the hook for T’s lunch now? (Sidenote: we all make a decent living, but don’t pretend that all of you out there aren’t as petty as I am when it comes to office politics or daily living. I know you get pissed when you accidentally shove a quarter too many into the parking meter. Like the world owes you something now.)

My colleague and I discussed: how would we play this? Did T expect up to pick up her tab too? As we walked to the restaurant, M and T were excited to have a nice lunch, and T remarked, “Thanks for letting me come guys, I feel bad, like I’m freeloading.” Raised eyebrows. First, who uses the word “freeloading?” Is this a 90’s movie and you’re a college male living in his parents’ basement? That should’ve been the first clue that T expected us to pay for her too; still, I held out hope. Maybe that’s just a term she likes using, who knows?

We arrived at the restaurant and sat and ordered, chit chatting and having a nice conversation.  And then, T pipes up once more, “Thanks again guys, for letting me FREELOAD.  I mean, I feel bad, it’ll be TWICE IN ONE DAY!” The CAPS by the way, are there to illustrate exactly how this girl said it.  She actually raised volume and hit those particular words louder than the others.  FREELOAD…TWICE IN ONE DAY!  She said it with glee, I swear.

Anyways, my trial partner and I locked eyes and there was that mutual understanding. Ah, freeloader. Gotcha.

Today’s junk food is one that has been suggested to me by some Twitter followers: Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams (Chocolate Creme & Caramel)!

The Money Shot

Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams are an Australian cookie. My sister’s friend is from Australia, and apparently Tim Tams are all the rage there – in Australia they are made by Arnott’s but here in the states by Pepperidge Farm.  It’s weird for me to see the same product released by two different companies; then again, I’m the same person who also thinks that Coke from mini cans tastes better than Coke from normal cans.

So much text

Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams come in three flavors: Chocolate Creme, Caramel, and Classic Dark. Arnot”s Tim Tams come in many more flavors, including Dark Chocolate Rum and Raisin, Double Coat, and Black Forest.  Isn’t Black Forest a type of ham?  Am I just imagining this?

(Sidenote: after searching Wiki, Black Forest IS a type of ham…and it’s also a type of cake. Universe, stop making things hard for me, please.)

Chocolate dominos

Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams come in these delightful trays, making sure that there is no cookie on cookie fudge smudging.  I appreciate this environmental disaster of a cookie solution.

According to the Arnott’s website, “Tim Tam biscuits were named after a horse that won the Kentucky Derby! In 1958 Ross Arnott attended the race day and decided ‘Tim Tam’ was the perfect name for his new biscuit.”  What?? Although I guess we should be glad these cookies aren’t called Big Browns.

Side by side

Each cookie looks to be comprised of two layers of wafer cookie, with a filling inside, and then covered all over with fudge. When I opened the Chocolate Creme package, the smell of chocolate fudge filled the air, seriously.  It was really quite amazing. And then when I opened the Caramel package, I swear I could smell the slightly sweeter caramel in the air too.  The aromas coming off BOTH of these cookies was really intoxicating.

Bite marks

I bit into both cookies, and while I’ll share my thoughts in a minute, I’d like to state first that these cookies were delicious.  Holy cow, delicious. If you can find them in your local Giant supermarket like I did, eat them. Now. Quickly!


Creme filling

Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams (Chocolate Creme) were light and airy. The wafer cookies were crispy and flavorful; they possessed a wonderful sweet taste. The chocolate creme inside wasn’t overpowering or waxy – quite frankly it tasted light and very chocolatey. All this covered in fudge? REALLY tasty – almost like a chocolate covered graham cracker but even lighter but with MORE flavor.


Pepperidge Farms Tim Tams (Caramel) were the exact same great flavor as the Chocolate Creme Tim Tams, but with a nice healthy ribbon of salty sweet caramel inside.  I can’t say much more except for these were even more delectable.  The chewiness of the caramel played nicely in contrast with the crisp crunchy cookie.

Nice work, Arnotts, and thank you, Pepperidge Farms, for bringing these to the states. Tim Tams are the sh*t.

Any thoughts? Tell me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 11 Comments

  1. Shorneys says:

    A couple of thoughts. First off, I comment a lot. I really should pay attention to my work more.

    Aside from that, you and your colleague got rolled. Two government attorneys got rolled by a couple of college interns. Who’s the sucker now?

    Black Forest: delicious land of deliciousness. Black forest cake is my mother’s favorite, because it has chocolate upon chocolate, with cherries. Black forest ham, also delicious. My fiancee likes the Black Forest gummy bears more than the Haribo ones. Anyway…

    Finally, I think you should try the Tim Tam Slam, which is a lot less hard core than it sounds. Bite off opposite corners of a Tim Tam and then try to suck a hot liquid (usually tea or cocoa) through the cookie. The trick is to get the liquid all the way to your mouth before the cookie loses its structural integrity. Final step upon either winning or losing the Tim Tam Slam is to cram the melty soggy cookie into your mouth. That probably came out wrong.

  2. That’s it? I was expecting a conclusion to the story where you and your colleague tell T to buy her own damn lunch. Or you tell T’s attorney that he now owes you guys lunch. Ha…

    And yes, Tim Tam Slam – seems to be the way to do it…

  3. Rodzilla says:

    what T said..and I want Tim Tams now

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Rodzilla – they are damn good

      @Teresapalooza – yeah…It’s hard to tell an unpaid intern in that situation to foot their own bill. Getting payback from T’s attorney – now that’s a possibility.

  4. Nilo says:


  5. Al Adamson says:

    Have you ever done the Tim Tam explosion? Get a hot beverage, bite off two opposing corners, suck the liquid out of the cup until you feel it on your tongue…

    Then pull the wet side of the cookie out of your cup and jam it in your mouth!!!


    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Al: I FINALLY got to try a similar thing last year, and it was pretty mindblowing! I bit the opposite corners and then sipped tea through the Tim Tam…then jammed it into my mouth. LOVED IT – I got a great mix of moist and cookie-goodness.

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