Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape Brownies: Behind the Junk Food & Random Sunday Thoughts

Junk Food Nation, happy last Sunday in October.  On this lazy Autumn morning, some random musings:

1) Congrats to my Buffalo boy, Ryan Fitzmagic, on his new six-year, $59 million dollar extension.  Ryan Fitzpatrick, the QB for the Buffalo Bills, faced some doubts because he graduated from Harvard, but he has proven himself a serviceable NFL quarterback – and as my friend Andrew put it, “This is just another example of Harvard graduates getting all the good jobs.”  My Bills face my secondary team, the Redskins, at 4pm EST.

2) Snow “hammered” the East Coast…sort of.  Ok, it wasn’t a lot of snow, but it definitely caught many off guard.  It is October, after all.  Someone turn off the crazy, please.  That outside chill was sure to make many sluts regret their see-through nurse costumes and many dudes regret their baby costumes. (IT’S AN AWFUL COSTUME, GUYS).

3) Today is/was the Marine Corp Marathon here in DC.  Temperature at 800am was 30 degrees.  That’s below freezing, folks.  I don’t like to run when it’s a perfect 65-70 degrees out.  Two below freezing?  I like blankets and sloth better.

4) If any kids went out trick-or-treating last night in the minor ice storm, their parents certainly made them wear their coats over their costumes.  Which is always a hot look:

“And what are you supposed to be?”

“I’m the guy from Twilight…who…apparently is chilly and needs a jacket…and wears boots.”

5) Twilight has a new movie coming out (the last ones, I think), and they are making it a two-parter, just like the Harry Potter 7 movies.  Is this necessary? The answer: of course not.  But $700 million in profit sounds better twice than just once, so…yep.

Today’s Junk Food: Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape Brownies!  And I’d like to do something different, and take you behind the scenes of how I write this blog…

The Money Shot

I start each junk food post with a big shot of the front of the junk food, whether it be box, or bag, or package.  The Money Shot should give you the face of the junk food.  Then I’ll usually introduce the junk food briefly, referencing if I’d had a relative before:

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape Brownies are another great refrigerator treat from Pillsbury. I reviewed another flavor of these chilled brownies earlier this year.

Jagged rip

Next, I’ll focus in on some key elements of the packaging, starting top to bottom.

As you can see above, Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape Brownies look delectable on the packaging – moist and sweet.  

And yes, I can see the bag is already hastily torn open while I am trying to photograph… read into that what you will.

Escape to the fudge

More front of package detail shots!

Cocoa Fudge Escape sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? Can you imagine this in other contexts? Ranch flavored chips being called Wild Ranch Flavor Explosion! Or BBQ Chips being called Sweet Southern BBQ Nirvana Engine to the Stars!


I’ll usually try to include pictures from the back of the packaging as well, where all the smaller details, ingredient lists, extra promotions, descriptions, and stories are.

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape Brownies, I feel like these flowery words should be lyrics to an R&B song.  Fudgy brownie? Decadent fudge? Cocoa-kissed? Someone get Babyface on the phone!

Bricks of fudge

I like to get a picture of the first look at the junk food… here, looking down the barrel of the open bag. Usually I run into the problem of having eaten half the bag before photographing, so I have to kind of puff up the contents so that you, the viewer, don’t think I’m a total pig. Which I am.

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape Brownies look remarkably like Russell Stover chocolates that have been dumped clumsily into a bag.  Still, I love Russell Stover chocolates, so no problem here!

Fudgey cube

Decadence indeed

Finally, I like to end with some closeup shots of the junk food, before and after a bite, if appropriate.

Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape Brownies are just as tasty as the other brownies in the same line.  The chill of the fridge gave eat brownie cube a nice firmness, and kept the chocolate exterior perfectly formed and crisp.  As you bite into it, the interior is moist and fudge filled – very very rich without being overpowering.  Immediate chocolate fudge flavor, with a nice cakey feel.  The sweetness of the exterior mixed well with the interior richness.  If you want heavy fudge and cocoa flavor, this is THE treat.

So there you have it! A very basic behind the scenes look at how I write this blog.

Any thoughts?  Tell me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 3 Comments

  1. Shorneys says:

    I have to say we DID get hammered by snow up here (Newark). Heavy wet snow + trees that still have leaves on them = severe limb downage. And at my parents’ house in western MA, they got 18 inches. That’s a hammering.

    Next time you review something so reflective, I’d counsel against wearing simething quite so blue. That second bag photo makes the brownie look like its oozing a little rivulet of electric blue puss, and the shot with a bite out of it looks almost moldy. I’m guessing that’s your shirt? Or maybe Na’vi costume?

  2. Kahnfucius says:

    I presume the JFG was just painted up in Bills colors for the game

  3. Rodzilla says:

    I keep hearing good things about these. I’ll have to pick them up at some point. LOL at the first tag of this post

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