Goldfish S’Mores Adventures & I Feel Asleep During Game 6

Junk Food Nation, I zonked out last night, missed the Cardinals walk-off home run, and am embarrassed for that.  Here’s a play-by-play of my evening:

5:45 – Left the courthouse (sigh) late in the evening, and return to an abandoned office.  The lights are all off and illuminate one by one as I trigger the motion sensors.

6:45 – Manage to make my way uptown to The Cajun Experience, a New Orleans-style restaurant, to celebrate my good friend Rob’s birthday (HAPPY BELATED, ROB!) Stuff myself full of grits, jambalaya, hush puppies, fried seafood, and chocolate-filled, powdered sugar beignets. Oh yeah, and alcohol.  DUH.

10:00 – Sloth my way home in a cab, to begin watching the World Series.  Texas up 7-4. It’s in the bag.

11:25 – Eye lids heavy. STL has cut it back, and we’re tied 7-7.  Rice and sausage and corn grits are inducing a coma.  Fight it…fight it…

11:50 – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

12:02 – Awaken slightly to Berkman get a hit to drive in the tying run, and the game is tied at 9-9 in the 10th!  WOW!  I prop my head to the side, determined to watch the 11th innizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

12:45 – …………why is Futurama on?  Or was it King of the Hill?  Where am I?  What happened to the game?

Needless to say, I rewound the DVR and saw the walk-off home run by David Freese. Can’t believe I slept through it.

Here’s what I won’t be sleeping through: Game 7 tonight. I still say the Rangers take it.

Today’s Junk Food: Goldfish S’Mores Adventures!

The Money Shot

My sister gave me these Goldfish S’Mores Adventures a while back, and I forgot they even existed!  I was digging through my bag of tricks last night, and found these.  An interesting concept, and one I’m not sure was well thought out.  I’ve been a big fan of Goldfish Grahams before… but adding marshmallows? Suspect.

Indiana Jones...sort of

Goldfish S’Mores Adventures is an interesting name for a snack.  Grammatically, it’s sort of just…out there, isn’t it?  “What are you eating?” “Oh, S’Mores Adventures.” “That…doesn’t sound right.”

To highlight the “adventure” side of things, Pepperidge Farm has dressed up their smiling goldfish character in an park ranger hat with a backpack. I guess that makes sense given the camping aspect of S’Mores. Anyone else find it funny they had to strap the pack to his fin?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Jimmy Grahams

Goldfish S’Mores Adventures are comprised of chocolate graham cracker fish, honey graham cracker fish, and marshmallow fish.  Stack up all 3 flavors?  Don’t mind if I do, Pepperidge Farms!

that IS one fun adventure!

What kind of adventure am I getting here?  When I eat this junk food, am I rushing through the woods, living off the land, cutting down firewood, backpacking it hardcore, eating twigs and berries, sun on my face, chill on my arms, feeling alive? Or is it the adventure of dumping these straight from the bag in my mouth while leaning over my kitchen sink so I don’t dirty my floor? Yep…that’s hot.

Um that's a picture of fire

My imagination can take me anywhere…even CAMPING??? (Let’s be honest, if my imagination is going to take me anywhere, it will NOT be camping.  It will be somewhere with Minka Kelly and Emmanuelle Chiqrui and …well, I digress.  But it will not be camping.)

It's like CEREAL!

And here is the Goldfish S’Mores Adventure!  It honestly kind of looks like Lucky Charms cereal without the color.  But we knew what this would look like – the bag shows it pretty clearly, after all – what’s key is the taste.

All smiles for S'mores

So here’s my assessment.

Plain Goldfish Graham – very tasty, a perfect graham cracker crunch, and great honey graham taste.  I love graham crackers and always will.

Chocolate Graham – also very tasty. The goldfish starts out with a good graham taste but then as you chew REALLY fades into a good strong cocoa flavor. Very rich for a tiny goldfish cracker.  Good flavor.

Marshmallow – standard cereal box marshmallow. Full of air, crunchy, just like the ones you know from Lucky Charms.

Combined – MEH. Combined, there was no S’Mores revelation. Instead it was just a big graham cracker-y sugar-y mess.  Tasted good?’s grahams and sugar, how can it be bad. But chocolate grahams are not chocolate, and the marshmallow crunchies are not melted gooey marshmallow.  These did not remind me of S’Mores at all.  I’d stick with the chocolate chip Goldfish crackers.

Sorry Pepperidge Farms.  This one was just….ok.

What’re your thoughts?  Tell me in the comments below or hit me on Twitter @junkfoodguy or on my Facebook Page.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 2 Comments

  1. Kahnfucius says:

    So the Cajun Experience prevented you from experiencing the full effect of Game 6. Too bad. Maybe the Hurricane-flavored beignets was a little too much…

  2. junkfoodguy says:

    @Kahnfucius – it was that Cajun Grenade. Four liquors in one glass? Oy vey

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