Moments in Bad Junkfoodarazzi

Junk Food Nation, when I started this blog three months ago, I told you this was a culmination of urging by friends and family mixed with my own love of junk food, with a dash of imagination. All true – but what is also true is the idea for this blog started years ago when I was in law school. I imagined it’d be easy – I had some background in web design, I had a camera, “Great! Let’s do it!” I thought. Take pictures, post pictures, easy.

Problem: I’d never blogged before, I didn’t have a very good camera, and I had no idea where to begin.  I’ve learned more about WordPress and Aperture over the past three months than I could have ever imagined. I’m certainly not a good photographer of any sort, but I think you can see some improvement in my photo taking skills when you look at my present day shots vs. those taken in June.

Years ago, when I began having ideas for the Junk Food blog, I wanted to start developing a base of pictures of snacks I was eating. I was armed with an iPhone 1 camera back in the day, which was about as clear as the plot of The Rules of Attraction.  Looking back – wow, some of these pictures were putrid.

The blurry money shot

Ritz Crackerfuls were brand new when I took these pictures, and I was so excited to talk about them. My camera lens was so blurry that this was the best Money Shot I could capture.

Love the carpet

My choice of background wasn’t the greatest either.  The carpet on the floor of my sister’s house wasn’t the most eye appealing backdrop.  Kind of…washed everything out.  Along with any appetizing quality.

Highly detailed

Look, I tried.  Sort of.  With no up-close focus or any macro function, I was stuck.  Can’t you tell how delicious it looks??  How the cheese just flows and…eh, yeah. Moving on.

What was this again?

This is a random photo I took once that actually HAD good lighting…but this was the only photo I took.  I can’t even remember what this was.  I can sort of deduce that its a Chik-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Biscuit, but…one photo? What was I thinking?

The lap shot

I took this photo when the Spicy Chicken Sandwich first came out…in my car…on my lap.  See that seatbelt in the bottom of the photo?  Yeah, that happened.


I’m not sure Chik-Fil-A would appreciate this photo.  The Spicy Chicken sandwich is delicious and Chik-Fil-A is one of my favorite fast food places but this photo makes the sandwich look bland, colorless and unappealing.  I’m so sorry, Chik-Fil-A. This won’t happen again.

Crystal clear

MMMMMMMMM makes you want to eat it, no?  NOM NOMS.  Ugh.

Anyways, just a small walk through memory lane for me. Needless to say, I got my act together, got a new camera, and approached this junk food blog with a little more sense.  (Just a LITTLE bit more sense.  After all, SPAM flavored Macadamia nuts?  Who thought THOSE were a good idea? Oh yeah, me.)  I promise you won’t see any photos like these in the future.

Have a great Saturday!

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. Shorneys says:

    I’m revoking your Asian card. Those photos suck.

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