Junk Food Guy Seeking: Coconut Curry Doritos & The Power of “Save”

Junk Food Nation, I’m going to keep this post short so as not to explode all over my computer. I had written a whole review of a user-suggested junk food that I actually found and tried, and my web-editing blog program which shall remain unnamed did not save my draft when I clicked “Save Draft.” Instead, it cycled and then refreshed to a blank screen.  I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but suffice it to say I need to walk away from the keyboard and count to 100.

The power of “Save” is not to be underestimated.  When typing documents, its a modern user’s security net. I like to “save” all the time when typing a document – hitting the apple or ctrl-S is second nature to me. Where would we be in this world without “save”?  Heck, in this era, as we shift more to cloud computing and web/network driven interfaces, the “save” function is the heart line of that movement – the idea that we want to be able to access what we want when we want it, and it’ll BE THERE.

So when “save” fails — we go. Absolutely. Effing. NUTS!

So for now, I bring you another junk food I’m dying to try from across the globe, Coconut Curry Doritos! (I’ll revisit the review I lost later this week).

The Thai Money Shot

These Doritos are apparently Coconut Curry flavor.  I’m intrigued, as I am definitely one of those people who no matter what the Thai restaurant or what specials a Thai place may have, I’m always going to order a chicken green curry dish.  Always. It’s one of my favorite Thai dishes and I think its a good one to judge the quality of a Thai restaurant on. I judge a new burger joint by how good their plain cheeseburger is, I judge Italian places by how well they do their seafood linguini, and with Thai restaurants – green curry.  If your green curry is suspect, how can I trust anything else?

These Doritos need to find their way to me. Next time I’m in Japan (or rather, the first time), I’m bringing a big empty suitcase to fill with all the weird snacks I can find, starting with these.

Sincerely, a trying-to-calm-down-and-not-hammer-my-keyboard Junk Food Guy

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  1. Did you ever find them? We are searching for Coconut Curry Doritos for our international snack blog as well.

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