Classic Thursdays: Chicken in a Biskit Baked Snack Crackers & Jury Duty Movies

My buddy Rob is serving jury duty today, Junk Food Nation, and it reminded me of my own jury service experience. In DC, the jury pool room is nice – wireless internet, comfy chairs, and best of all, flatscreen TVs!  They always show movies in the jury pool room, and the day I served was no exception: No Reservations starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart.

I have to admit, I tried to pretend I was not interested in the rom-com.  I tried reading a book. Didn’t work – I was enticed by images of spaghetti and French dishes. I tried checking my email on my phone, but was distracted by how hot CZJ was. I tried to pretend like I wasn’t watching the movie, then realized I was.  An hour in, I was invested.

And then, 30 mins from the end of the movie – I WAS CALLED TO REPORT TO A COURTROOM!  Noooo DC. You teased me and roped me in, and now you take me away!  No justice. Can someone tell me what happened at the end of the movie??  Gaaaaah.

I decided to review a classic junk food today that I’ve loved a long time: Nabisco Chicken in a Biskit Original Baked Snack Crackers!

The Money Shot

I can’t remember the last time I had C in a B crackers.  I do remember the box being more teal as a kid, like this. I feel like Chicken in a Biskit crackers came from an era where visible flavor powdering didn’t exist – the manufacturers were like “they can’t SEE what makes these crackers taste so good, or else we’ll scare consumers off!  Beige, gentleman, beige is what we need to maintain all the way!”

Also, I usually raise a hairy eyebrow whenever any product intentionally misspells a word in order to make the snack “wacky.” According to Wiki, “Biskit” is is an open source software package written in Python, that facilitates research in Structural bioinformatics and molecular modelling.  Yeah…that’s not what we have here.

Familiar buttery crackers

The reason I have such fond memories of Chicken in a Biskit crackers, I think, was because my parents really didn’t allow us kiddies to have much junk food growing up, save for some Ritz crackers here and there. However, Chicken in a Biskit crackers WOULD show up every once in a while in the cupboard, and when they did, it was ON. Crackers that had FLAVORING??? I need to take this box and go somewhere for a while. Don’t look for me.


Enriched flour? Check. MSG? Of course. Dehydrated cooked chicken? BINGO. Don’t forget the flavor enhancers!

Well, that’s…random

The back of the box promotes a marriage of flavors between Kraft and Nabisco. God help me if I’m ever spraypainting shapes using Easy Cheese on Ritz crackers.

Also, is this a balanced meal they’re pushing here? Make sure to have Ritz and Easy Cheese with grapes, apples, and large glasses of milk?

Your basic flaky cracker pile

Golden Brown Chicken Punch!

Chicken in a Biskit crackers are pretty basic – buttery crackers that are rectangular and glistening with flavor. No visible flavor powder, except for some beige colored furriness around the edges.

Crusted with flavor 🙂

So how do these crackers taste? On first bite, you get the cracker’s signature flakiness – crunchy, light, and turning quickly into mush in your mouth. The first flavor you experience is butter and salt, but then as you chew, the chicken flavor starts to really come out. The chicken flavor, however, is not QUITE reminiscent of meat – rather, the crackers taste a lot like what chicken STOCK tastes like by itself. Which I think is still tasty, but definitely different than chicken meat.  All these flavors blend together – butter, salt, chicken stock – to form a nice savory blend in your mouth.

I’ve always liked these crackers, and years later, I think they still hold up. They are nothing like many of today’s junk foods – and maybe that’s a good thing.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy

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  1. GBJ says:

    Yummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic!!

  2. I always called these crackers “chicken-y.” 🙂 I get these crackers from the 99 Cent Only store all the time…

  3. Kahnfucius says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen these before. Obviously, I’ve been missing out. Also, they no longer show movies because someone complained about them. Perhaps “No Reservations” doesn’t end well?

  4. Shorneys says:

    Spray cheese on Chicken in a Biskit was a rare and much beloved childhood snack while I was growing up. Nothing wrong with it.

    Plus, I seem to remember JFG and I finishing a tube of spray cheese in college and then subsequently dismantling it to see how it worked (and to get at any leftover cheesy goo inside).

  5. ruth says:

    my experience of these crackers is pretty much the same as yours! my mom was quite the self-designated nutritionist for us kids and every time these crackers made an appearance in the kitchen it was always SO exciting. i live in australia now and i can’t find these here 🙁 arnott’s shapes just don’t quite cut it. i also think i just made a pun. hmmm.

    • Sugary Flower says:

      Ruth we do get these in Australia! I’m Aussie born and bred, and I’ve been eating these since I was a kid. But the box is different – it is bright green. And I totally agree – Arnott’s Shapes are just not the same…

  6. Deen says:

    I just bought a box of Chicken in a Biskit crackers and some spray cheese today. I guess I’m feeling nostalgic. Goooood stuff.

  7. Bisque It says:

    Just found your website after buying a box of Chicken in a Biskit crackers earlier today! Hadn’t eaten them in years, but they were just as I’d remembered…crispy, buttery, chicken bullion-y goodness…usually I’d get them @ a friend’s house, as my mom never really bought them. I do remember the spray cheese, but not necessarily for eating with these. OK, now I’m wishing that Nabisco would bring back the Swiss Cheese crackers, LOL!

  8. Jessica says:

    I live in Canada and we have the swiss cheese crackers here 🙂
    Unfortunately we can’t get Chicken in a Biskit, but I live about an hour from the USA border so I get them pretty frequently, they’re one of my favourite treats to pick up when I go to the States!

  9. Janice Koa says:

    Why Malaysia didnt sell “Chicken in a biscuit”. I miss this bicuit for a long long time.When I was a little kid in Singapore, i ate this biscuit. Hope can get this delicious biscuit in Malaysia Melaka. Thank you.

  10. Sugary Flower says:

    We get these in Australia too! (although the box is completely different). They are SO yummy. I must say the idea of “spray cheese” on anything makes me gag a little (we do not get that in Australia). However, my family eats Chicken In A Biskits with butter on them. Ahem. Yes. Health food… Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it though – a sandwich consisting of two Chicken In A Biskits stuck together with butter is to die for!

  11. guitarman says:

    There’s a Japanese baby brand mayonnaise that comes in a soft squeeze bottle. Goes very well with these biscuits. Especially good when it’s cold. It gives that oozing flavor burst. You gotta try it.

  12. Woofies says:

    This blog brought back so many memories and I had tears of laughter running down my face as I read your commentary on this beloved snack cracker. In our house growing up, Chicken in a Biskit was reserved for company! I was in charge of putting them out for our guests and I just couldn’t resist the buttery, powdery, some-what chickeny goodness. I would always sneak a few and hope that when it came time to clean up, there would be a few left. Thanks for the laugh and trip down memory lane…

  13. Jenny says:

    I AM eating Chicken in a Biskit as we speak. I have spray cheese and butter! 🙂

  14. Rae Tally says:

    I’m not much of a cracker eater but Chicken in a Biskit has always been the one and only cracker I enjoy. The tastiest cracker ever!

  15. Karen says:

    Movie is great. They get married and the three of them open up their own shop.
    As for the crackers, these have long been my favorite. I get a box every time I go to the store and just can’t imagine my life without them.
    Recently I have been diagosed as gluten sensitive – I don’t sick – but I break out in this horrible rash thats lasts forever. I am no longer suppose to have these but they don’t make many things that are gluten free that taste good so this is my one fail.
    I am addicted and I can’t help myself.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Karen: I also cannot live without Chicken in a Biskit – that sucks about the gluten allergy 🙁 They should make rice crackers with the same seasoning!

  16. Andrew Wong says:

    Where can we get out in Malaysia?this is some nostalgically superb snack!!

  17. Andrew Wong says:

    Where can we get out in Malaysia?this is some nostalgically superb snack!! Thanks

  18. Just wanted to point out that Australian Chicken in a Biskit has different ingredients than the US version. For instance no Dehydrated Cooked Chicken in the Aussie version. Also the Australian version are made in China, something the Aussie’s on here may not realize. Check the box!

  19. I also ate these as a kid, but searched for them as an adult when I started making a Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. Cooked ground chicken mixed with cream cheese, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, Blue cheese dressing and Crystal Hot Sauce. Great flavor combination on a Chicken in a Biskit cracker. Loved finding the recipe because used to be able to find a frozen snack called Buffalo Busters, wherein all those ingredients were piled on top of a little tiny biscuit. Why would they stop making something like that? It’s treason????

  20. Sue says:

    I had to chuckle one day when I was driving my oldest daughter home from school, she was in kindergarten and every family had to provide a box of crackers for the class so one day I ask her what kind of crackers they had that day. She straight faced replies, “Hotel Crackers!” I said, “I don’t think I know what kind those are” and she says,”Yes you do Mom, it’s the kind we always get when we go to a hotel.” Ahhhh….plain as day, I knew it was Chicken in a Biskit…a special treat for a special trip! So now, we only call them Hotel Crackers 🙂

  21. Vicky Hunter says:

    They’ve changed something. Now they are more hard and crunchy instead of practically melting in your mouth. I don;t know what kind of preservative or whatever it is they used, but I wish they would change it back! I think frito lay changed the same in the funyun rings, same thing, hard and crunchy instead of that “soft” crunch.

    • Hank says:

      Absolutely right – I had the same impression – I told my wife “These taste different – Hard as if stale” I looked at the “Best By” date and it was well within the Freshness date – Dissapointed with the “New” texture – I will probably NOT be purchasing these anymore – Crying in my beer!

    • Shirley says:

      I agree.

  22. Susie says:

    Hank, I haven’t had these in 20 years. I agree with you!! These aren’t that taste of the past when they were completely different and better. Such a disappointment! I won’t buy again. Too bad others don’t know what they were

  23. Shirley says:

    The crackers are different!! yuck! skinnier, less tasty, where is all that good chicken flavored powder salting the outside…GONE! Just tried for the first time in a very long time! SO mega disappointed! The crackers were fluffier and flavorful in my youth I can’t stand these like those other ritz crackers they ruined them!! Hello celery instead of crackers if Im gonna have to lose all the goodness then I will stick to the basic bye bye nabisco.

  24. Krystal says:


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