7-Select S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich & National Ice Cream Day!

Today is National Ice Cream Day!  On this day we celebrate all things creamy, icey, smoothy, covered in chocolate, with or without cones, with sprinkles, without toppings, loaded with fruit, loaded with candy, mixed with soda in a float, on top of pies, in a car, on a boat, in a jar, with a moat.  Er, right…Anyways, I thought I’d celebrate my last day at the beach and National Ice Cream Day by discussing my favorite recent ice cream treat: the 7-11 7 Select S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich!

The Money Shot

If you think this sounds amazing, that’s because it is.  It really really is.  For just over at dollar, you can buy this delightful treat at your nearest 7-11.  Who knew 7-11 (1) had their own line of products, and (2) named those products 7 Select, like I’m buying some premium line of convenience store vittles?  A for Effort, 7-11.  You’re not just for providing beef jerky and Skoal anymore.


Chocolate sauce ribbon in marshmallow flavored ice cream between vanilla and chocolate wafers.  Um, did you hear me?  Chocolate sauce ribbon in marshmallow flavored ice cream between vanilla and chocolate wafers.  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Why do I feel a little dirty?

Almost too good to eat. Almost.

Gooey gooey goodness

As I opened the package, I could tell this was gonna be good.  The gooeyness of the whole combination seemed perfect for a dessert that was trying to mimic S’mores – after all, anyone who has made S’mores knows that they are messy as hell, and get all over your hands…and that’s part of the fun of it.  I give big points to 7-11, since the sandwich was oozing with fudge-y leakage everywhere, in a good way.

The graham side

Pictured here is the vanilla graham side of the sandwich.  Why hello there, blondie.  Going my way?

Shaped just like a regular ice cream sandwich, 7-11, in merely switching up the wafer and adding a strip of fudge down the middle, has improved the classic by 1000%.

What follows isn’t pretty, so I won’t say much – just follow along as I devoured this tasty concotion.

The Money Bite

Bite 2 (Going…)

Bite 3 (Going…)

Bite 4 (Going…)


Yeah, that’s right, five bites.  FIVE BITES is all it took for me to wolf this puppy down, and I’m pretty sure that even in trying to savor the taste, I ate it in less than a minute.  I wanted to lick the wrapper clean, it was so good (and maybe I did.) <shifty eyes>

Overall, this product was beyond compare.  The flavor of the ice cream was definitely a creamy light marshmallow, reminiscent of fluff.  The fudge ribbon had the sharpness and richness of a good quality fudge.  The cookie wafers had that nice cakey feel and taste.  Combined?  Really good, really solid S’mores flavor.

I would eat these every waking second – and lucky for me, 7-11’s are open 24 hours a day.  Yummy.  On National Ice Cream day, I salute you, 7-11.

Sincerely, Junk Food Guy.


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  1. Kahnfucius says:

    Yes these are delicious…and they don’t get burnt like normal S’mores! Plus, July 2011 is the ultimate month of the ultimate 7/11 year. So you know something from 7/11 will be good.

  2. Shorneys says:

    My local 7-Eleven doesn’t carry these. I HATE NEWARK!!!

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